ReBoot (Series) (1994-1998)

The extraordinary adventures of life within a computer, as depicted in one of the world's first totally-computer-generated series. The mouth-watering animation, riotous humour, infinitely-variable action and scenery, and intelligent use of every computer reference known, combine to produce a stunning universe where good constantly fights the forces of evil. Dot Matrix and her brother Enzo, plus thousands of friendly binomes, live in Mainframe, which is plagued by viruses Megabyte and sister strain Hexadecimal. Guardian Bob is sent from the Net to protect them, and soon makes it his home. Together, they must prevent Megabyte from taking control of all the systems. As an added complication, games being played by the mystical User invade the system regularly, and must be defeated, or else portions of the city are laid waste... this gives us a chance to see every genre of video-game ever conceived, from the point of view of the characters! When Megabyte finally manages to banish Bob, Enzo takes over as the city's Guardian, but things will never be quite the same...

Sharon Alexander....AndrAIa (1997-1998, 2001) (voice)
Giacomo Baessato....Enzo Matrix #4 (2001) (voice)
Long John Baldry....Captain Capacitor (1994, 1997-1998)/Old Man Pearson (1994-1996, 1997) (voice)
Kathleen Barr....Dot Matrix (voice)
Michael Benyaer....Bob (1994-1996, 2001) (voice)
Gary Chalk....Slash/Turbo (1996, 1997, 2001) (voice)
Ian James Corlett....Glitch-Bob (1997-1998, 2001) (voice)
Colombe Demers....Daemon (2001) (voice)
Paul Dobson....Matrix (1997-1998, 2001) (voice)
Michael Donovan....Phong/Mike The TV/Cecil/Additional Voices (voice)
Donal Gibson....Ray Tracer (1997-1998) (voice)
Christopher Gray....Enzo Matrix #3 (1997) (voice)
Phil Hayes....Hack #1 (1994-1995) (voice)
Tony Jay....Megabyte (voice)
Andrea Libman....AndrAIa (young) (1995-1996, 1997) (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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