Really Weird Tales (TV Movie) (1986)

A hilarious no holds barred send-up of science fiction shows like "The Twilight Zone" and "Amazing Stories," Consisting of three episodes brimming over with ingenious satire.

1 - "All's Well That Ends Strange" - A third-rate lounge performer (Martin Short) thinks he's made the big time through his friendship with a girlie magazine publisher. Then he discovers what's really behind those buxom bodies and sexy smiles! (robot women)
2 - "Cursed With Charisma" - This tale concerns the failing town of Fitchville. A mysterious stranger (John Candy) stirs things up with no money down real estate boom, but in his wake come two aliens with plans of their own for the place.
3 - "I'll Die Loving" - Catherine O' Hara portrays a woman with a serious problem. Everyone she love explodes. In the tale she finally finds a cure for her problem. But how many of her romances went up in smoke?

Joe Flaherty....Host
Martin Short....Shucky ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Donald Harron....Wade Jeffries ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Olivia d'Abo....Tippy ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Deborah Hancock....Kim ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Astrid Falconi....Kelly ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Georgia Steele....Brandy ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Bob Lem....Bartender ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Bob Bainborough....Gary ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Bruce Pirrie....Jack ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
Jennifer Inch....Robot ('All's Well that Ends Strange')
John Candy....Howard Jensen ('Cursed with Charisma')
Sheila McCarthy....Ellie Hutchins ('Cursed with Charisma')
Christopher Januszczak....Jimmy Hutchins ('Cursed with Charisma')
Don Lake....Hugh Millins ('Cursed with Charisma')
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