Readalong (Series) (1976-1979)

Readalong was a lively 10-minute broadcast for readers from Grades 1 to 3. A cast of humans and talking puppets led by Boot had adventures which illustrated various principles of reading.

It was reported that Readalong was used by 8 out of 10 reading teachers in Ontario, and it was also used in Alberta, B.C., Quebec and in about 30 U.S. states.

Bob Dermer .... Puppeteer
Nina Keogh .... Puppeteer
Noreen Young .... Puppeteer
Jack Duffy .... Voice
Max Ferguson .... Voice
Eric Braslis
Moira Knott
Adrian Rajaram
Reena Schellenberg

Original Broadcaster(s): OECA/TVO

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Comments (2)
I remember this old show way back when it aired on TV.
My mom used to record it for me but our VCR back then was always jamming the tape and I never knew what happened to the VHS tape(s) it was recorded onto. I was shocked when I heard from a family member that the VHS tape(s) had to be thrown out. I was in so much shock that I would never see this show ever again. I do have some episodes through a couple of video traders, but I still miss the episodes I dearly remember and especially from Series #2. If anyone knows where I can order any Series and episodes from, please message me as I'm desperate to bring back old memories from the good old TVO days from years back when I was a kid.
byVee, January 13, 2008
Can someone get me a video link on the web to this show, (or let me know how to order it somehow) please?.

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