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Razzle Dazzle
The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for Razzle Dazzle.

Oct 2, 1961 - (Monday to Friday) A new program for children hosted by Al Hamel who is assisted each day by a boy and a girl, and the antics of Howard the Turtle in daily skits, quiz games and magician's tricks.

Mar 5, 1962 - Michele Finney and Al Hamel are co-hosts of this half-hour program for school age children that features quizzes, word games, comic one-act sketches, and attempts to answer such social questions as "If a boy is shy how does he get to meet a girl?" Special guest is Ollie Olegario, yoyo expert from the Philippines who plays a harmonica while spinning two yoyos, crosses two yoyos in the air while blindfolded and lights a match with a yoyo. He also plays novelty tunes on a saw.

Oct 1, 1962 - (Season Debut) For the first two weeks in October, Howard the Turtle plays host and introduces some old-time movies. Dizzy Heights and Daring Heights - a Mack Sennett film starring Chester Conklin as a foreign spy. Pride of Pikeville - a Ben Turpin comedy in which he masquerades as royalty on a continental train.

Oct 2, 1962 - Her Torpedoed Love - a Mack Sennett comedy about U-boat warfare. A Girl and Her Trust - an early railroad saga in which a beautiful telegraph operator thwarts a bunch of robbers.

Oct 3, 1962 - Boobs in the Wood - a Mack Sennett-Harry Langdon comedy in which weak Harry is mistaken for a killer. Hash House Mashers - a comedy in which Charlie Chase tricks a girl into marrying him.

Oct 4, 1962 - The Plumber - a Mack Sennett comedy in which Charlie Murray plays an inept Mr. Fix-It.
Captain January - starring Baby Peggy, silent movie child-actress of the twenties.

Oct 5, 1962 - All Aboard - Harold Lloyd in a frantic ship-board comedy. His Second Childhood - a Mack Sennett comedy with Charlie Murray posing as a governess in order to get closer to his sweetheart.

Oct 30, 1962 - "King O'Sullivan's Mines."

Oct 31, 1962 - Howard goes on a visit.

Nov 1, 1962 - Larry and Garry prepare to visit Russia.

Nov 2, 1962 - Howard and Michele call on Martha Muffin.

Nov 12, 1962 - Hosts Howard the Turtle, Michele Finney and Al Hamel salute station CHSJ-TV, St. John, N.B., and watch Gene Wood of the St. John show Time for Juniors. On Batty Bedtime Stories Prof. Howard Footnote gives his version of Rumplestiltskin. Other features are also presented.

Nov 13, 1962 - Turtleshell Theatre presents Who Turned Out the Northern Lights? or Things Sure Looked Dark in Dawson City. Howard reads his poetry and also included is Playalong, Decoder Message, Nutty Newsreel and the Terrible Ten.

Nov 14, 1962 - Kidpester wants to become a Razzle Dazzle club member and brings along an all-weather machine. Also included is Nutty Newsreel, the Terrible Ten, Telequiz and Kooky Commercial.

Nov 15, 1962 - Howard the Swami welcomes Mandarin Tee Hee, expert in Oriental magic, who does a disappearing act with Al's money. He also gives an example of levitation. Playalong, the Terrible Ten, Decoder Message and Nutty Newsreel are also shown.

Nov 16, 1962 - Mr. Sharpy demonstrates an Eureka Money Changer, capable of changing nickels into quarters. Ace Baker leads a balloon relay race in his Field Day Games. Also shown are: Telequiz, Kooky Commercial, the Terrible Ten, Nutty Newsreel, Groaners, Comment and a riddle.

Dec 3, 1962 - Guests are Linda and John Koegh and their puppets.

Dec 4, 1962 - "The Lost City of Prof. Clang-Clang" is today's drama. Terwilliger Topsoil's sister has lost her voice.

Dec 5, 1962 - Hiram Corntassle introduces an old friend from Cucumber Corner. Kor Igotit brings out all his best merchandise for the event.

Dec 6, 1962 - Howard the Swami tries to hypnotize Michele. The Maharajah of Kookypicky demonstrates a rope trick. Boomer Foghorn is featured in "Sea Search."

Dec 7, 1962 - Mr. Sharpy has opened an exotic tea room and Percy Kidpester invites himself to tea.

Mar 4, 1963 - J. Willus Nillus of "Closed-Up" interviews Splash, a talking dog. He also presents an on-the-spot story of what happened to an Australian aborigine when his boomerang wouldn't come back. The Gummy Sisters sing "Chewing Gum."

Mar 5, 1963 - Turtleshell Theater: "Julius Caesar." Comic strip: Richard the Lion goes to a masquerade party.

Mar 6, 1963 - Hiram Corntassle's car breaks down.

Mar 7, 1963 - Larry and Gary talk about their adventures at a Spanish bullfight.

Mar 8, 1963 - Mr. Igotit has a strange telephone conversation—the person at the other end of the line claims he is Mr. Igotit.

Apr 8, 1963 - 1. Howard salutes station CBOT in Ottawa. 2. The Razzle Dazzle Hit Parade is introduced by Howard Mellowtone of Station C-O-W and the Pick of the Pops is presented.

Apr 9, 1963 - Mr. Showbiz and the Turtleshell Players bring us a historical drama about the French Revolution based on the novel, the Scarlet Pimpernel. The play is entitled Come the Revolution or This Way to the Bastille. Michele Finney plays La Comtesse la Michele Antoinette; Al Hambone, the Prefect of Police; Tom Kneebone, the dauntless Englishman, Scoreless Supperpickle; and George Feyer, Pepe.

Apr 10, 1963 - 1. Mr. Sharpy has turned himself into an artist and interior decorator much to the surprise of the Alley. 2. Alfred Hiccup introduces a new film produced by Epic Films and Cranky Pictures — a comedy called Curbside Capers. 3. Howard I. Threadneedle reads poetry.

Apr 11, 1963 - 1. Swami and Al take a look at the future in Swami's crystal ball and see a Chinese magician, Mandarin Tee Hee up to some surprising tricks. 2. Another adventure with Boomer Foghorn is seen in Howard's comic strip.

Apr 12, 1963 - Top of a Continent. A half-hour film about the people living in the North West Territories— Eskimo, Indian and white man.

Apr 15, 1963 - 1. Howard salutes station CKVR-TV in Barrie, Ont. 2. On Batty Bedtime Stories, Granny Fop's Soppy Fables. Today, she gives her version of the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Apr 16, 1963 - 1. The Turtleshell Theatre headed by Mr. Showbiz presents a tragedy entitled Old King Cole with Sherlock House playing the Fiddlers Three and Mr. Showbiz in the title role. 2. George Feyer draws a cartoon story entitled Richard the Lion.

Apr 17, 1963 - 1. The Mayor of All-the-Alley has great plans to open the Razzle Dazzle park by putting more emphasis on spring gardens, but the only drawback is his allergy to flowers. 2. Howard I. Threadneedle reads spring poetry.

Apr 18, 1963 - 1. Another exclusive travel report for Kook's Tours, given by Larry and Garry. Today, they present an on-the-spot story from Alberta. 2. A new comic is introduced—the first Shaggy Dog story.

Apr 19, 1963 - 1. Hiram Corntassle drives his friend Heathcliffe Ripe into town to see the doctor. Heathcliffe is the best mule raiser in Cucumber Corners, but this time the mule has raised Heathcliffe. 2. The Razzle Dazzle of the week is shown.

Apr 22, 1963 - 1. Howard salutes station CKNX-TV in Wingham, Ont. 2. The Razzle Dazzle Dancers take a spring visit to a sidewalk cafe in Paris. 3. Nutty Newsreel, Comment, Kooky Commercials, Terrible Ten, Telequiz.

Apr 23, 1963 - 1. Mr. Showbiz directs the Turtleshell Players in a tasty drama with lots of suspense called The Diner's Dilemma. 2. George Fever draws another adventure of Terwilliger Topsoil. 3. Nutty Newsreel, Comment, Kooky Commercials, Terrible Ten, Playalong.

Apr 24, 1963 - 1. Special guest, Slim McClory, master of rope tricks and juggler, visits the show and he and Al decide to take a few boxing lessons from Ace Baker. 2. Howard I. Threadneedle reads poetry. 3. Kooky Commercials, Comment, Nutty Newsreel, Terrible Ten, Telequiz, Playalong.

Apr 25, 1963 - 1. Bimbo decides to open a toy shop but he has no store and only a few toys. Michele gives him a toy lion and a toy elephant and he soon finds out they are no ordinary toys. 2. Mendel Meek tells about the time he was a famous bridge builder. 3. Nutty Newsreel, Comment, Kooky Commercials, Terrible Ten, Playalong.

Apr 26, 1963 - 1. Mother Mayonnaise gives a talk on physical culture at Ace Baker's gym. 2. Ace umpires Field Day Games between the Spots and the Stripes. 3. Razzle Dazzle for the week is shown. 4. Nutty Newsreel, Comment, Kooky Commercials, Terrible Ten, Telequiz.

May 20, 1963 - Michele wins a contest, but can't collect the prize.

May 21, 1963 - Turtleshell Theater: "He Found the Son of Frankenstein." Comic strip: Percy Kidpester tries to interfere with the kids' baseball game.

May 22, 1963 - Mother Mayonnaise has tea.

May 23, 1963 - Michele shows Al her new magic trick.

May 24, 1963 - Al is going on a trip.

May 27, 1963 - Mr. Sharpy, pinch-hitting for Al Hamel, gets everything all mixed-up. To compound Mr. Sharpy's mistakes, Howard tells some more batty bedtime stories. Among them, a new version of the Aesop fable-The Fox and The Grapes.

May 28, 1963 - Mr. Showbiz and the Turtleshell Players present Robin Turtle! Bandit of Sherwood Forest. Tom Kneebone plays the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Michele stars as Maid Marion. Also on the program, George Feyer draws another Richard the Lion adventure.

May 29, 1963 - Sherlock House is helping Michele run the show while Al Hamel is away. However, Sherlock gets distracted because he at last thinks he has found a suspicious character. The special guest is juggler Johnny Dash. To round out the program, Howard Threadneedle reads poetry.

May 30, 1963 - Larry and Garry turn efficiency experts and stock brokers. As part of this business program, J. J. Higgenhoward of Consolidated Pretzel tells us some of the fine points involved in buying and selling on the stock market. The comic for the day shows a shaggy dog story about a man who loved cake.

May 31, 1963 - Hiram Comtassle comes to the Alley for a visit, and to talk over his problems. Because of interference from goats and sheriffs, he is having trouble planting his turnips. Also on the program, Ace Baker umpires the Field Day Games.

Jun 3, 1963 - Mr. Walt Daffy and The Razzle Dazzle Dancers tell a charming story in mime about a charming snake charmer from Bombay.

Jun 4, 1963 - Mr. Showbiz informs the Turtleshell Players who shall play what by means of fortune cookies. The drama is entitled Smorgasbord. Through his cartoons George Feyer tells about the time Tambourine entered the Regional Cake Baking Contest.

Jun 5, 1963 - Juggler Slim McClory visits the Alley, and pulls a fast one on Percy Kidpester.

Jun 6, 1963 - Mandarin Tee-Hee gives Michele another lesson in magic; and Howard's comics present another adventure with Mendel Meek.

Jun 10, 1963 - Michele uses Al Hamel's raised arms as a radio antenna so she can listen to Howard Mellowtone's Hit Parade Show on station C-O-W. The dee-jay of course is Isabel the Holstein.

Jun 11, 1963 - The Turtleshell Players present an experimental drama entitled "Just Statues in the Park," or "Don't Take Us For Granite."

Jun 12, 1963 - Mr. Igotit tries an experiment with a new soap called Blast-off, and the washing machines threaten to do just that. Also on the program, Fantageous Theatre presents the comedy, Monsters Unlimited.

Jun 14, 1963 - Mr. Sharpy visits Al and Michele to announce he has become a millionaire. Also on the program, Ace Baker umpires the Field Day games.

Jun 25, 1963 - Turtleshell Theatre presents The End of the World Series — a drama about the tense moments of a baseball game. George Feyer shows what happens when the Terwilligers go fishing.

Jun 26, 1963 - 1. It's magic day with Mr. Wizzy and Percy Kidpester chose some of Mr. Wizzy's Stretch-O-Bubblegum. 2. Mendle Meek makes an appearance in Howie's comics.

Jun 28, 1963 - Today is the last Razzle Dazzle of the season. Operation Storage is put into effect by Mr. Sharpy, Mother Mayonnaise, Hiram Corntassle and Ace Baker who help Howard, Michele Finney and Al Hamel close the Alley for the year. The last round of Field Day is played and also included is Nutty Newsreel, Comment, Kooky Commercials, The Terrible Ten and Telequiz.

Oct 18, 1965 - This weekday show for children begins its fifth season. Today, mailman Johann Sebastian Bagstrap is loaded down with mail for newscasters Hinkley and Dinkley. Ray Bellew is the host.

Oct 19, 1965 - The Hit Parade Puppets sing "Don't Stand There" and "What's New, Pussycat?" Ray takes a spin around Mouseport Raceway.

Oct 20, 1965 - Mr. Sharpy is looking for someone to challenge boxing champion Knockout Norris.

Oct 21, 1965 - Magician Johnny Giordemaine is a guest. Ray Bellew and Trudy Young are the hosts.

Oct 22, 1965 - Trudy bakes some cookies—but no one will eat them. Ray introduces Professor Howard I. Q.

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