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Michelle Is Busy Girl On TV And At School

From the Winnipeg Free Press - Jan 13, 1962

Michele Finney, at 12 years of age, is the youngest hostess on network television.

Five days a week Michele is co-host, with Al Hamel, of CBC-TV's afternoon program for children, Razzle Dazzle. This role came after five years of hard work as a child model and actress.

She has had principal roles in CBC dramas, including The Crucible, Kiss Mama Goodbye, Quality of Fear and others. In addition, she has conducted an interview on Seven-O-One, a CBC-TV program seen in Eastern Canada, and has appeared on several CBC radio programs for children, and on school broadcasts.

This solid professional background was just what Razzte Dazzle producers were looking for when they were selecting a co-hostess.

"One of the wonderful things about Michele is her complete professionalism," said Bill Davidson, who co-produces Razzle Dazzle with Sandy Stewart, "She is almost devoid of temperament, and things don't get her down as they might if she didn't have so much experience."

As co-hostess of Razzle Dazzle, Michele is the envy of her pals at Rosedale Public School - mainly because she gets every afternoon off from school to attend the program. What they probably don't realize is that school for Michele starts again in the evenings, with a private tutor for her school subjects. This was a stipulation by the Board of Education when allowing her time off school.

Michele has managed to keep up with her class, and in some subjects is ahead of her schoolmates. In addition, she has homework to do, takes dramatic studies with actress Josephine Barrington, and devotes hours to learning scripts for dramas and for Razzle Dazzle.

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