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Ray Bradbury Theater, The
Marionettes, Inc. - Determined to stop his wife's nagging, a computer salesman (James Coco) pours his life's savings into a new product that may do the trick.With: James Coco (Braling), Leslie Nielsen (Fantoccini), Jayne Eastwood (Mrs. Braling), Kenneth Welsh (Crane), Pixie Bigelow (Buyer), Rex Hagon (Buyer), Michael Fletcher (Buyer), Laura Henry (Secretary), Tom Christopher (The Other Braling)

The Playground - An insurance salesman (William Shatner) is obsessed by a group of children in his neighbourhood whose faces seem to be part human and part animal.With: William Shatner (Charles Underhill), Keith Dutson (Steve), Kate Trotter (Carol), Mirko Malish (Ralph), Steven Andrade (Charlie), Barry Flatman (Robert Peerless)

The Crowd - After his car flips over in an accident, a man (Nick Mancuso) is thrown into a strange environment in which reality doesn't exist.With: Nick Mancuso (Spelliner), R.H. Thomson (Morgan), David Hughes (Doctor), Victor Eartmantis (Paramedic)

The Town Where No One Got Off - A city residents (Jeff Goldblum) idealistic view of rural life is shattered when a train drops him off at an unscheduled stop.With: Jeff Goldblum (Cogswell), Ed McNamara (Old Man), Cec Linder (Salesman), Errol Slue (Conductor), Clare Coulter (Store Owner), Samantha Langevin (Mother), Rachel Gemmell (Girl on Swing), Wayne Robson (Man in Store)

The Screaming Woman - Drew Barrymore and Heather Leary star in this eerie tale of an imaginative 10 year-old girl who insists that she hears a buried woman's voice.With: Drew Barrymore (Heather Leary), Janet-Laine Green (Mrs. Leary), Roger Dunn (Mr. Leary), Alan Scarfe (Mr. Nesbitt), Ian Heath (Dippy), Ken James (Mr. Kelly), Jacqueline McLeod (Mrs. Kelly), Michael Copeman (Policeman), Mary Anne Coles (Screaming Woman), Fran Gebhard (Neighbor), Dick Callahan (Worker)

Banshee - An eccentric film director tells a young writer a spine-tingling ghost story that comes true. Peter O'Toole stars.With: Peter O'Toole (John Hampton), Charles Martin Smith (Douglas Rogers), Jennifer Dale (The Banshee), Michael Copeman (Taxi Driver)

The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl - With: Michael Ironside (Acton), Sonja Smits (Mary), Robert Vaughn (Huxley), Barry Greene (Gun Salesman), Wally Bondarenko (Detective), Tom Harvey (Doctor)

Skeleton - A hypochondriac (Eugene Levy) seeks the help of a bone specialist to cure his latest ailment.With: Eugene Levy (Bert Harris), Diane D'Aquila (Clarisse), Peter Blais (Munigant), Sean Hewitt (Dr. Burleigh), Thick Wilson (Fat Man)

The Emissary - With: Helen Shaver (Miss Haight), Keram Malicki-Sanchez (Martin), Linda Goranson (Mother), Neil Munro (Father), Eric Hebert (Big Boy), Stuart Kenny (Neighbour), Chubby (Dog)

Gotcha! - A playful couple (Saul Rubinek, Kate Lynch) plan a romantic weekend getaway.With: Saul Rubinek (John Griffths), Kate Lynch (Alicia Hart), James Kidnie (Hotel Clerk), Olwyn Chipman (Party Person #1), Sharolyn Sparrow (Party Person #2), Michael Healy (Stockbroker (Bear)), Adrian Paul (Stockbroker (Bozo))

The Man Upstairs - With: Feodor Atkine (Mr. Koberman), Micheline Presle (Grandma), Kate Hardie (Miss Treadwell), Adam Negley (Douglas), Henri Poirier (Mr. Dumas), Michel Winogradoff (Police Officer), Bertie Cortiez (Coroner)

The Small Assassin - With: Susan Wooldridge (Alice Leiber), Leigh Lawson (David Leiber), Cyril Cusack (Doctor Jeffers), Lottie Ward (Nurse)

Punishment Without Crime - A man (Donald Pleasence) seeks an outlet to vent his anger over his wife's infidelity.With: Donald Pleasence (George Hill), Lynsey Baxter (Katherine), Peggy Mount (The Judge), Iain Cuthbertson (Prosecuting Counsel), Frank Williams (Defence Counsel), John McGlynn (Facsimile Interviewer), Bill Croasdale (Governor), Will Tracey (Priest), George Anton (Lover), William Ivory (Policeman)

On the Orient, North - A nurse escorts an ailing ghost (Ian Bannen) on a transcontinental train trip to his final destination.With: Magali Noel (Minerva Halliday), Ian Bannen (The Ghastly Passenger), Francois Clavier (Train Official), Herve Pauchon (Priest), Sylvie Novak (Nun), Tim Holm (Policeman), Jean Gluck (Doctor)

The Coffin - With: Denholm Elliott (Richard Braling), Dan O'Herlihy (Charles Braling), Clive Swift (St. John Court)

Tyrannosaurus Rex - With: Cris Campion (Terwilliger), Daniel Ceccaldi (Glass), Jim Dunk (Joe Clarence), Julie Reitzman (Glass' Niece)

There Was an Old Woman - Elderly Matilda isn't ready when death arrives to carry her away in a wicker basket.With: Mary Morris (Matilda), Roy Kinnear (Funeral Director), Sylvestra Le Touzel Emily), Ronald Lacey (The Listener), Robin Soans (Father), Finetime Fontayne (Mortician), Peter Barton (Listener's Assistant), Stephen Boyes (Listener's Assistant), Louis Emerick (Listener's Assistant), Ken Kitson (Listener's Assistant)

And So Died Riabouchinska - An outspoken marionette provides clues to a murder when a detective interrogates a ventriloquist (Alan Bates).With: Alan Bates (John Fabian), Jean-Pierre Kalfon Lt. Krovitch), Patti Layne (Alyce Fabian), Annabelle Mouloudji Ilyana Riamonova), Hilary Staunton (Mr. Douglas), Jacques Berrocal (Ockham)

The Dwarf - With: Megan Follows (Aimee), Miguel Fernandes (Ralph Banghart), Machs Colombani (Mr. Bigelow), David Cameron (Magazine Vendor)

A Miracle of Rare Device - With: Pat Harrington Jr. (Robert), Wayne Robson (William), William Kircher (Ned Bantlin), Des Kelly (Old Man), Barbara Laurenson (Old Woman), Helen Jarroe (Woman), Ben Vere-Jones (Young Man), Roy Wesney (Old Man #2), Stephen Lovatt (Xanadu Young Man), Peter Dennett (Farmer), Annie Ruth (Farmer's Wife), Baden Campbell (Farmer's Son), Sarah McLaughlin (Farmer's Daughter)

The Lake - With: Gordon Thomson (Douglas), Eli Sharplin (Young Douglas), Jessica Billingsley Young Tally), Sylvia Rands (Tally's Mother), Prue Langbein (Douglas' Mother), Tina Regtien (Margaret), Jim Moriarty (Lifeguard)

The Wind - With: Michael Sarrazin (John Colt), Ray Henwood (Herb Thompson), Vivienne Labone (Susan Thompson), Keith Richardson (Keith Parkinson), Anne Pacey (Anne Parkinson)

The Pedestrian - With: David Ogden Stiers Leonard Mead), Grant Tilly (Stockwell), Stig Eldred (Voice (Out of View)), Matt Murphy (Man on Television)

A Sound of Thunder - With: Kiel Martin (Eckles), John Bach (Travis), Micheal McLeod (Agent), Micheal Batley (Hunter), John McDavitt (Hunter)

The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone - With: John Saxon (Dudley Stone), Alan Scarfe (John Oatis Kendall), Susan Wilson (Sara Stone), Lewis Rowe (Dudley Stone's Publisher)

The Haunting of the New - With: Susannah Yorke (Nora), Richard Comar (Charles), Sheila Hammond (Duchess)

To the Chicago Abyss - With: Harold Gould (Old Man), Neil Munro (The Stranger), Doreen Ibsen (Woman in Park), Arne MacPherson (Young Man in Park), Linda Ravinovitch (Stanger's Wife), Bill Meilen (The Policeman), Ronald Rault (The Betrayer), Chad Krowchuk (Joseph)

Hail and Farewell - With: Josh Saviano (Willie), Georgie Collins (Old Woman), Trevor McCarthy (The Bully), Mary Day (Charlotte), Christine McInnis (Charlotte's Mother), Judith Haynes (Emma Webley), Frank C. Turner (John Webley), Mark Parr (Tiny Tim), Frank Bueckert (Ice Cream Man), Ann Allen (Little Woman), Chad Cole (Big Kid, Orphanage), Joel Dacks (2nd Kid, Orphanage), Donovan Workun (Bully's Sidekick)

The Veldt - With: Linda Kelsey (Lydia Hadley), Malcolm Stewart (George Hadley), Thomas Peacocke (David McLean), Damien Atkins (Peter Hadley), Shana Alexander (Wendy Hadley), Del Mehes (Mechanical Voice)

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in your Cellar! - With: Charles Martin Smith (Huge Fortnum), Marc Reid (Tom Fortnum), Patricia Phillips (Cynthia Fortnum), Judy Mahbey (Mrs. Goodbody), Frank C. Turner (Roger Willis), Dorothy Anne Haug (Dorothy Willis), Michael Leskow (Joe Willis), David Mann (Mailman)

Mars is Heaven - With: Hal Linden, Paul Gross, Helen Moulder, Patrick Smythe, Wendy McFarlane, Eddie Campbell, Brian Sergent, Stephen Papps

The Murderer - With: Bruce Weitz, Cedric Smith, Donna Akerston, Michael Haigh

Touched with Fire - With: Eileen Brennan, Barry Morse, Joseph Shaw, Michael Noonan, Paul Nadas

The Black Ferris - With: Zachary Bennett, Nathaniel Moreau, Frank Whitten, Jonathan Marks, Pat Evison, Duncan Smith, Stephen Gledhill, Kathy Downes

Usher II - With: Patrick Macnee, Ian Mune, Stewart Devinie, Des Kelly, Alice Fraser, Susan Wilson

A Touch of Petulance - With: Eddie Albert, Jesse Collins, Dulcie Smart

And the Moon be Still as Bright - With: David Carradine, Kenneth Welsh, James Purcell, Ben Cardinal, Brian Jensen, Warren Perkins

The Toynbee Convector - With: James Whitmore, Michael Hurst, Perry Piercy, Michael Galvin

Exorcism - With: Sally Kellerman, Jayne Eastwood, Bartley Bard, Jordan Singer

The Day it Rained Forever - With: Vincent Gardenia, Gerard Parkes, Robert Clothier, Shelia Moore (Blanche Hillgood)

The Long Years - With: Robert Culp, George Touliatos, Judith Buchan, Donna Larson, Bruce Mitchell, Jason Wolff

Here There Be Tygers - With: Timothy Bottoms, Peter Elliott, George Henare, Lorae Parry

The Earthmen - With: David Birney, Gordon Pinsent, Larry Musser, David Sivertsen, Patricia Phillips, Jim Shepard, Paul Tome

Zero Hour - With: Sally Kirkland, Katharine Isobel Murray, Jill Dyck, Brian Taylor, Kurtis Brown, Ronan Cahill

The Jar - With: Paul LeMat, Jennifer Dale, Earl Pastko, John Dee, Billy Morton, Bill Meilen, Randall Payne

Colonel Stonesteel and the Desperate Empties - With: Harold Gould, Shawn Ashmore, Wayne Robson (Sheriff), Walter Kaasa

The Concrete Mixer - With: Ben Cross, Howard Jerome, John Gilbert (Assignor), Jan Smith, Grant Reddick

The Utterly Perfect Murder - With: Richard Kiley, Robert Clothier, David Turri, Eric J. Johnson

Let's Play Poison - With: Richard Benjamin, Shane Meier, Adam Derges, Warren Graves

The Martian - With: John Vernon, Paul Clemens, Sheila Moore, Paul Coeur, Janne Mortil

The Lonely One - With: Joanna Cassidy, Sheila McCarthy, Maggie Harper (Helen), Stephen O'Rourke (Officer Kennedy), Peter Rowley (Druggist), David Perrett (Frank Dillon), Chic Littlewood (Theatre Manager), Patrick Smith (Pale Man), Elizabeth Pendergrast (Miss Roberta), Kathleen Kelly (Miss Fern)

The Happiness Machine - With: Elliott Gould, Mimi Kuzyk, Paul McIvor (Saul Affmann), Tania Mason (Naomi Affmann), Matthew Brennan (Aaron Affmann), Claire Chitham (Rosalyn Affmann)

Tomorrow's Child - With: Carol Kane, Michael Sarrazin, Peter Bland (Dr. Wolcott), Mark Clare (Workman), Lisa Tapley-Bale (Mary), Mike Daly (Bill), Mandy McMullin (Sheila), John Kerr (Don)

The Anthem Sprinters - With: Len Cariou, Robert Ball, Ken Blackburn (Timulty), Ian Watkin (Heeber Finn), Terry Hayman (Fogarty), Bruce Allpress (O'Gavin), Karl Bradley (Cinema Manager), Grant Bridger (Phil the Projectionist), Alister Babbage (Nolan), David Baxter (Kelly), Maurice Keene (Book Store Owner)

By the Numbers - With: Ray Sharkey, Geordie Johnson, Ciaran Pennington (The Boy), Marton Csokas (Sid), Erik Thomson (Young Man), Bruce Tegart (Hotel Waiter), Nii Hammond (Train Waiter)

The Long Rain - With: Marc Singer, Michael Hurst, Brian Sergent (Boltz), Mark Raffety (Cooper)

The Dead Man - With: Louise Fletcher, Frank Whitten, Ross Duncan (Mr. Simpson), Gilbert Goldie (Mr. Gilpatrick), Peter McCauley (Sheriff), David Taylor (Radney Bellows), Irene Drake (Mrs. Bellows), Alistair Douglas (Customer), Peter Morgan (Rev. Polk), David Telford (Henry Scott)

Sun and Shadow - With: Gregory Sierra, John Bach, Stuart Margolin, Vicky Haughton (Maria Reyes), Ken Blackburn (Policeman), Lee Mete Kingi (Tomas Reyes), Jose Bribiesca (Jorge), James Roberts (Andrew)

The Silent Towns - With: John Glover, Monica Parker

Downwind from Gettysburg - With: Howard Hessman, Robert Joy, Kelly Johnson (Phipps), Roy Bonnell (Lincoln), Jim Rawdon (Attendant), Timothy Dale (The Boy)

Some Live Like Lazarus - With: Janice Rule, Yannick Bisson, Yvonne Lawley (Mother), Noel Trevarthen (Roger (age 60)), Katie Wolfe (Anna (age 18-22)), Kristin Darragh (Anna (age 10-12)), Leon Woods (Roger (age 10-12)), Andrew Thurtell (Paul), Greer Robson (Carol), Deborah Kathrine (Hotel Maid)

The Handler - With: Michael J. Pollard, Henry Beckman, John Sumner (Mr. Stuyvesant), Peter Rowley (Mr. Flinger), Lee Grant (Mrs. Rogers), Lynne Skinner (Mrs. Shellmund), Johnny Crews (Mr. Wren), Steve Cleary (Edmund Worth), Casey Anstiss (Small Boy), Christopher Brodeur Skateboarding Boy), Jocelyn Brodeur (Mrs. McNamara)

Fee Fie Foe Fum - With: Jean Stapleton, Robert Morelli, Lucy Lawless (Liddy Barton), Patrick Smith (Postman)

The Great Wide World Over There - With: Tyne Daly, David Orth, Bill Johnson (Tom Gibbs), Helen Moulder (Mrs. Brabbam), Frank Whitten (Mailman)

The Tombstone - With: Shelley Duvall, Ron White, Desmond Kelly (The Landlord), John Smythe (Mr. Whetmore), June Bishop (The Woman (Mrs. White)), Paul Royce (The Couch Potato), Lyndon Peoples (The Man (Mr. White)), Jocelyn Brodeur (The Young Lady)

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