Episode Guide - Rare Breed, The (Series) (1978-1980)

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Jul 19, 1978 - A profile of an Alberta rancher who is developing a strain of beef cattle better suited to Western weather. Footage shows Jim Burns at his 4000-acre ranch at Cochrane where his crossbreeds are raised.

May 29, 1979 - Season debut. A series of repeats from "Country Canada" begins a second prime-time season. The opener is a profile of grain grower Ken Beswick, who runs a 640-acre farm in southern Alberta with his father and brothers. Host: Sandy Cushon.

Jun 5, 1979 - Wizard of Willowlee. A profile of Lyle Vanclief, mixed farmer of P.E.I. County who grows 17 different crops from strawberries to potatoes. A series of six programs from the Country Canada team focussing on food production and some outstanding ranchers and farmers who are prime contributors to Canada's food industry.

Jun 10, 1980 - "You Can't Live By Yourself." A profile of Alberta rancher Tom Thurber, former chairman of theAlberta Cattle Commission Produced by Ray Burley.

Jun 24, 1980 - "Custodians of the Soil." A visit with the Ross family of Gravelbourg, Sask., who are grain producers active in the National Farmers Union which last year launched the largest court action in Canadian history.

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