Raes, The (Series) (1978-1980)

Raes, The
The talented husband and wife disco-singing duo of Cherrill and Robbie Rae were signed by CBC-TV to star in their own summer variety series during July and August, 1978. The seven one-hour programs were produced in the CBC-TV studios in Vancouver by Ken Gibson. Cherrill and Robbie Rae were known through their concert and cabaret work across the country, and a recent JUNO nomination. The series was built around the versatile talents of the young husband and wife team.

The series proved popular enough that a second series of half-hour shows was produced and aired in the 1979-1980 season.

Cherrill Rae .... Co-host
Robbie Rae .... Co-host
Shari Lewis .... Regular
Morey Amsterdam .... Regular (season 1)
Jackson Davies .... Regular (season 2)
Lally Cadeau .... Regular (season 2)
Jeff Hyslop .... Regular (season 2)
James Hibbard Dancers .... Regulars (season 2)
Tommy Banks Orchestra .... Regulars (season 2)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user terry, June 17, 2009
i would watch this show alot,i was in a band called panzer,graham (later went with doug and the slugs)and i would check out who the artist of the week.do you know where i can get vhs or dvd copies of the show.the one's with prism and trooper??

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