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Season 1

Feb 9, 1957 - Episode 1 - "Capture By The Iroquois." The first episode begins with Radisson at the age of 17 when he is captured and tortured by the Iroquois. Radisson wins the respect of the Iroquois and is made a blood brother of the tribe.

Feb 16, 1957 - Episode 2 - "Escape From The Indians." When Radisson and other Indians in his war party visit the Dutch at Fort Orange, Radisson is recognized as a Frenchman and the governor of the fort offers to bribe the Indians to give him his freedom.

Feb 23, 1957 - Episode 3 - "The Feast of The Gluttons." Radisson, arriving home after two year's absence, is warmly welcomed by his family, and later he is summoned to the presence of the governor of Three Rivers. There he meets a missionary, who wants Radisson to guide him through Iroquois territory to his mission. When the missionary and Radisson arrive at their destination, they find that Iroquois have slaughtered all the Huron converts. Radisson learns that the Indians are planning to attack a nearby French fort and persuades the fort commander to turn over his food supplies to the Indians for a feast, hoping that while the Indians steer off the effects of the prolonged feasting, the fort settlers can escape.

Mar 2, 1957 - Episode 4 - "The Gentlemen of New France." Radisson, back in Three Rivers, is persuaded by his brother-in-law, Des Groseilliers, to set out to find what later becomes known as Lake Winnipeg. The governor of Three Rivers insists that they take three French nobles with them. During the journey there is friction between the three gentlemen of New France and the woodsmen- until the party runs into a war party of Iroquois. Radisson saves the lives of the nobles who apologize for their foolishness and return to Three Rivers. Radisson and Des Groseilliers push on.

Mar 9, 1957 - Episode 5 - "The Adventurers." Journeying by canoe, Radisson and Des Groseilliers fall in with a tribe of Huron Indians. The two woodsmen quickly win the Hurons to their banner when they drive off a war party of Iroquois. When Des Groseilliers falls sick Radisson pushes on without him, and after much hardship finds the lake for which he has been looking. He returns to the Huron Indian settlement for Des Groseilliers and together they begin the return journey to Three Rivers, accompanied by the Hurons. Soon after, the Hurons hear that the Iroquois are on the war path again, and rather than continue through Iroquois territory, they decide to get rid or the two Frenchmen.

Mar 16, 1957 - Episode 6 - "The Iroquois Blockade." Radisson and his party are by-passed by the main body of Iroquois, but a small party, led by an old enemy, Nahahla, discovers them. A bloody skirmish ensues- for Radisson must annihilate all the Iroquois in the party to stop anyone reaching the main war party and warning them of his escape.

Mar 23, 1957 - Episode 7 - "Fear and Fireworks." The Governor of Quebec will not allow Radisson and Groseilliers to leave Three Rivers unless they share the furs they collect during their journey to find the northern sea they have heard about. They refuse and leave under cover of darkness. They fall in with the Hurons again and win their gratitude by putting to flight a whole fort of Iroquois single-handed - with the help of gunpowder.

Mar 30, 1957 - Episode 8 - A huge Iroquois war party under Nahala, confronts the Hurons accompanying Radisson and Des Groseilliers, but the Hurons prove to be brave and loyal friends. A demand to turn over the two Frenchmen as hostages is turned down even though refusal can mean an attack and almost certain annihilation.

Apr 6, 1957 - Episode 9 - Radisson and Des Groseilliers hear stories of vast unexplored territories where furs are in great abundance. They decide to go and see for themselves. When the governor of Quebec hears of their plan, he demands a share in the profits. He forbids Radisson and Des Groseilliers to leave the town unless they agree to his outrageous proposal. Faced with this threat, the two friends start looking for some way to escape.

Apr 13, 1957 - Episode 10 - Radisson and Des Groseilliers attack and blow up a fortified Iroquois encampment before continuing on their journey to the Arctic seas.

Apr 20, 1957 - Episode 12 - "The Famine." Radisson and Des Groseilliers are faced with starvation on this week's episode. They are kept in their winter camp by howling blizzards, while game becomes steadily scarcer. To make the situation more difficult, a roving band of Indians comes to beg for food. But just when everything seems hopeless, Radisson makes an unexpected discovery and saves them all. [NOTE: The CBC accidently switched episodes this week so the fuse Radisson lit in Episode 10 did not go off until Apr 27, 1957. Instead of this week's episode starting with the anticipated big boom, the show opened with Radisson raising his rifle and firing at a duck to help re-stock his diminishing larder. Episode 11 was re-edited to reorganize the continuity of the script and aired the next week.]

Apr 27, 1957 - Episode 11 - Planning to spend the winter on the shore of Hudson Bay, Radisson and Des Groseilliers have trouble with the accompanying Huron Indians who are anxious to return home.

May 4, 1957 - Episode 13 - When Radisson and Des Groseilliers answer a call for help from the chief of the Hurons they discover he has fallen through the ice on the lake and that his cries have attracted a hungry wolf pack. This episode concludes the current season of Radisson.

Season 2

Nov 2, 1957 - Episode 14 - Radisson makes preparations to leave the Hudson Bay with the winter's catch of furs. A major difficulty arises when the chief of a nearby Cree village invites his complete party to spend the summer as his guests. Indian customs decree that the refusal of such an invitation would be an insult - and the future of the fur trade in the area - and even the lives of the trappers - could be placed in jeopardy.

Nov 9, 1957 - Episode 15 - "The Fight With Lerca." Radisson and Des Groseilliers are the prisoners of a Cree Indian tribe. Radisson is forced to fight to the death with an Indian brave because of a beautiful Indian girl.

Nov 16, 1957 - Episode 16 - Radisson and his party are trapped during a heavy snow storm and tempers flare as a result.

Nov 23, 1957 - Episode 17 - Radisson finally leaves his winter quarters and seeks new adventures.

Nov 30, 1957 - Episode 18

Dec 7, 1957 - Episode 19 - Radisson and Des Groseilliers discover a band of warlike Iroquois heading for the Ottawa country.

Dec 14, 1957 - Episode 20 - "Treason." Radisson is enraged by the injustice of two scheming officials who pluck a fortune from his grasp.

Dec 21, 1957 - Episode 21 - Quebec officials force Radisoon to seek financial aid from the British in order to continue their fur trading.

Dec 28, 1957 - Episode 22 - "The Mutiny." Radisson and Des Groseilliers are the passengers on a ship threatened by mutiny,

Jan 4, 1957 - Episode 23 - "Returning To Boston." Radisson and Des Groseilliers attempt to reach Boston in an unseaworthy ship.

Jan 11, 1958 - Episode 24 - Radisson and Des Groseilliers run into trouble when they visit a small fishing village gripped by strange tensions.

Jan 18, 1958 - Episode 25 - "Traitors." Radisson and Des Groseilliers are branded traitors in New France because of their attempt to reach Hudson Bay in an English ship.

Jan 25, 1958 - Episode 26 - Radisson is taken into protective custody by the British when authorities in French Canada issue a warrant for his arrest.

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