Radisson (Series) (1957-1958)

Aka: Tomahawk

This series appeared on television sets in French and in English in 1957.

The majority of episodes were about incidents in exploration, and relations with the Indian tribes. Interestingly enough, the details of everyday life were sometimes dealt with at length, including the construction of a winter shelter, hunting beaver, and the navigation of the great rivers by canoe.

The series was titled Tomahawk for US and UK broadcast.

Writer: John Lucarotti
Director: Pierre Gauvreau
Producer: Jean Yves Bigras
Set Designer: Leo Jacques
Costumes: Monique Charbonneau
Director of Photography: Dennis Mason
Sound Engineer: Eric Reed
Cameraman: Hans Reymer
French Translations: Jean Desprez, Renee Normand

Jacques Godin....Pierre Esprit Radisson
René Caron....Medard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseilliers
Raymond Royer....Onega
Percy Rodriguez....Iroqois Chieftain
Julien Bessette....Nahala
Jean Boisjoli....Mojida
Pierre Boucher
Boudha Bradon
Camille Ducharme....French Governor of 3 Rivers
Pierre Dufresne
Françoise Faucher....Marguerite
William Robert Fournier....Dutch Governor of Fort Orange
Bertrand Gagnon
Benoît Girard
Guy L'Ecuyer
Lionel Villeneuve

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, SRC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user tvarchive.ca, June 2, 2007
I'm told that no English episodes have survived even in the archives, so barring a miracle they will never be seen again....
bybernard, June 2, 2007
Need mto release or re-aire this great series again

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