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Canada's Davy Crockett On CBWT Soon

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press, Jan 18, 1957.

The 17th century exploits of Canadian explorer and adventurer Pierre Radisson will reach Canadian television screens next month. The new series will be carried on CBWT on Saturdays, starting at 8 p.m. Feb. 9.

The 39-week series of half-hour episodes was done in both French and English. The French-language version will be carried on the French network in the east, but not in Winnipeg.

Produced by the CBC children's department, it is designed to attract adult audiences as well as young people. The various episodes, to which Radisson's journal contributed, give highlights of the extraordinary career of the man who overcame hostile Indians and fenced with officialdom while mapping huge areas of the wilderness.

Jacques Godin, as Radisson, is a native of Verdun, Que., with experience on stage, radio and television in Montreal. The role of Radisson's brother-in-law and partner, Sieur Des Groseilliers, is portrayed by Rene Caron, who played in radio dramas before becoming an actor in French network television programs.

The series was written by John Lucarotti, who was with the British Broadcasting Corporation before going to Toronto in 1951 to become a radio and TV writer. Pierre Gauvreau is director of the series, and Jean Yves Bigras, the producer.

That Half Hour Of Adventure Costs $15,800

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press, Mar 14, 1957

OTTAWA — Cost of the CBC's filmed television series, Radisson, at present is estimated at $821,600 for 26 episodes in French and English, Hon. J.J. McCann, revenue minister, said Wednesday. This works out to $15,800 for each episode in one language.

Dr. McCann, who reports to parliament for the CBC, told the commons the original estimate of cost was $10,000 an episode in each language, but the figure has been revised upwards after producing seven half-hour programs.

Radisson Series Sold To U.S.

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press, Aug 29, 1957

An agreement has been completed for distribution of the adventure series Radisson to the Lakeside TV Company Incorporated of New York City, the CBC announced Wednesday.

The agreement gives Lakeside Incorporated world distribution rights to the CBC-produced series, with the exception of Canada, beginning Sept. 12.

The series will have its first run in the United States on WPIX-TV New York. For export purposes it has been renamed Tomahawk — The Adventures of Pierre Radisson.

Twenty-six episodes are included in this first package with an option to take more at the end of the season.

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