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Raccoons, The

"Christmas Raccoons." (Special) Narrated by Rich Little, this delightful Christmas story is about a family of raccoons who on the day before Christmas set out to save their forest from an evil lumber baron named Cyril Sneer. The film, made by Kevin Gillis, is voiced by: Rita Coolidge (Melissa Raccoon), Bobby Dermer (Ralph Raccoon), Len Carlson (Bert Raccoon), Rupert Holmes (Dan, the Forest Ranger), Carl Banas (Schaeffer the Dog), Michael Magee (Cyril Sneer), and Fred Little (Cedric Sneer). (original airdate Dec 17, 1980)

"Raccoons On Ice." (Special) In this animated special, by Kevin Gillis, the dastardly Cyril Sneer and his son Cedric hatch a villainous plot to take Evergreen Lake away from the Raccoon family in order to build a "Cyril Dome". Cyril and his Brutish Bears challenge the Raccoons to a hockey game, which, of course, is rigged in their favour. After exciting scenes of dirty tricks, contests of muscle and willpower and a surprising turn of events, there is a happy ending and a heartwarming moral. The film is narrated by Rich Little. (original airdate Dec 20, 1981)

"The Raccoons and the Lost Star." (Special) Rich Little and Dottie West provide the voices for this musical tale about the Raccoon family and a crazed military commander who plots to conquer Earth.

"The Raccoons: Let's Dance" (Special) Rita Coolidge, Leo Sayer, Dottie West and John Schneider join the Raccoons in a compilation of Raccoons music videos, with songs and scenes from the previous three specials

Season 1

Surprise Attack (Nov 11, 1985) Bert, Ralph and Melissa startle aardvark Cyril Sneer.

Going It Alone - Cyril Sneer tries to spoil Bert's trip up the mountain.

A Night to Remember - Bert explores a haunted house with Cedric and Ralph.

The Evergreen Grand Prix - It's Bert's Solar Coaster vs. Sneer's Sneermobile.

The Runaways - Schaeffer the dog searches for Julie and Tommy.

Buried Treasure - Bert, Cedric and Broo race Cyril Sneer to gold.

The Intruders - Cedric becomes trapped in a vault at Sneer Mansion.

Opportunity Knocks - Bert gets sick when Ralph and Melissa plan to leave.

Cry Wolf - The Raccoons question the authenticity of reporter Bert's outlandish stories.

Rumours - Rumor has it royalty is coming to deal with Cyril Sneer.

Gold Rush - There is gold in Emerald Forest and Sneer wants it.

Season 2

Double Play - Bert and Cedric compete for a baseball contract.

The Sweet Smell of Success - Bert becomes Cyril's media spokesman.

Blast from the Past - Melissa fights her fear of flying to save Bert and Cedric.

Power Trip - Bert's Aunt Gertie saves the Raccoons from a flood.

Stop the Clock (Nov 1, 1987) Ralph's cousin competes against Cyril Sneer in a sports contest.

The Artful Dodger - Cyril wants to turn a cave into a tourist attraction.

Courting Disaster - A mix-up forces Cyril into wedding plans.

Time Trap - Cyril Sneer transports himself back in time to change the outcome of every encounter with the Raccoons.

Last Legs - The Raccoons work day and night to grant the supposedly dying Cyril Sneer a last wish.

Read No Evil - Cyril threatens to destroy the home of hermit Herman.

The Chips Are Down - Bert frets obsessively over a competition.

The Evergreen Express - Bert Raccoon and the gang discover an abandoned old steam engine, unaware of its hidden fortune

Life in the Fast Lane - Bert tries to impress Bix Wheelie and his gang.

Picture Perfect - Melissa loses her job when she helps a friend.

Mom's the Word - Cyril Sneer's Pigs introduce their Mother and her antique car to the Evergreen Forest Gang.

Monster Mania - Monster watchers descend on the Evergreen Forest.

Paper Chase - Cyril and Ralph are both nominated for civic awards.

Paperback Hero - Bert's storybook hero arrives in Evergreen Forest.

Season 3

The Prism of Zenda - Cyril offers a reward for the lost Prism of Zenda.

Simon Says - Cyril is concerned about the family fortune when Uncle Simon arrives for a visit.

Strictly by the Book - A changed Cedric Sneer arrives home from the Improve University

Trouble Shooter - A computer holds Cyril and the pigs captive.

Games People Play - Cyril is asked about his past.

Moving In - Lisa has a hard time with the family's move to Evergreen Forest.

Cold Feet - Cyril's girlfriend reacts to his environment-threatening project.

Easy Money - Bentley takes Bert's new toy without asking, then wrecks it.

End of the Line - Cedric Sneer makes a decision that could cost him his new job.

Promises Promises - Bert makes promises he can't keep.

Black Belt Bentley - Schaeffer teaches bullied Bentley self-defense.

Stress Test - A young boy helps Cyril Sneer overcome his fear of hospitals.

The Wrong Stuff - Bentley tries to convince his parents he can care for a puppy.

Endless Summer - Bentley Raccoon goes to work for Cyril and gets fired.

The Evergreen Election - Bert Raccoon and Cyril Sneer vie to become mayor.

Go for the Gold - Cedric retires to establish the Evergreen International Triathlon.

Join the Club - Lisa starts smoking to fit in.

The One That Got Away - The location of a secret fishing hole falls into Cyril Sneer's hands.

Season 4

Second Chance - Bert tries to coax a rock performer out of retirement.

The Sky's the Limit - Ralph enters an airplane race to impress Melissa.

Bully for You - Cedric finds friendship where he least expects.

A Catered Affair - Cyril treats his pigs well to keep them at home.

Search and Rescue - Bert and Cedric search for a meteorite.

Spring Fever - Bert Raccoon learns about love, friendship and make-up when he develops a crush on Bentley Raccoon's sister, Lisa.

The Family Secret - Cedric believes he is adopted.

The Great Escape - Bert's attempt at magic backfires.

Science Friction! - His father ruins Cedric's chances to win a prize at the fair.

The Phantom of Sneer Mansion (Dec 27, 1989) Cyril Sneer raises the wrath of "The Phantom of Sneer Mansion."

The Headline Hunter - The Pigs call a reporter to investigate Cyril Sneer.

Making the Grade - Bert and his friends try to save their school.

Stealing the Show (Dec 6, 1989) Cyril and Mr. Knox invent super skateboards.

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