Raccoons, The (Series) (1980-1989)

Aka: Les amis ratons

Raccoons, The
In the Evergreen Forest, there is a group of raccoons, the most rambunctious being Bert. Their home is peaceful and beautiful, but also threatened by the greedy aardvark industrialist, Cyril Sneer, who wants to destroy the forest for his own profit. Together with some dog friends and Cedric Sneer, Cyril's sympathetic son, they work to oppose Cyril through their newspaper and environmental initiatives. As the series progresses, they eventually him win over as they find themselves allied against other environmental dangers and enemies.

Several animated specials aired beginning in 1980 and the series aired from 1985-1989.

Michael Magee....Cyril Sneer/Snag (voice)
Len Carlson....Bert Raccoon/Pig Two/Pig Three/Mr. Knox (voice)
Marvin Goldhar....Cedric Sneer (voice)
Carl Banas....Schaeffer/Mr. Willow (voice)
Bob Dermer....Ralph Raccoon/Lady Baden-Baden (voice)
Linda Feige....Melissa Raccoon (1985-1986) (voice)
Susan Roman....Melissa Raccoon (1987-1992) (voice)
Sharon Lewis....Sophia Tutu (1985-1988)/Broo (voice)
Nick Nichols....Pig One (1985-1990) (voice)
Keith Hampshire....Pig One (1990-1992) (voice)
Geoffrey Winter....Narrator (voice)
Murray Cruchley....Dan the Forest Ranger (1985-1986) (voice)
Vanessa Lindores....Julie (1985-1986) (voice)
Noam Zylberman....Tommy (1985-1986)/Bentley Raccoon (1987-1990) (voice)
Stuart Stone....Bentley Raccoon (1990-1992) (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user uriah, December 31, 2009
There was something special about this show. It filled in where nothing alse did. The MISER was lovable.

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