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10-Mile Tombstone, The - The story of a construction worker who capped his wife's grave with a very special monument. Gagnier's sure the man is a murderer- but investigating would cost a fortune. Ford: John Kellogg.

Accused, The - Constable Frank Scott is accused of assaulting one of Shamattawa's leading citizens.

Back To School - Cpl. Gagnier has to leave the Shamattawa detachment to attend a refresher course in Ottawa. Before the spit-and-polish course ends, Gagnier breaks regulation after regulation and is warned about neglecting his duties. Padgett: Buzz Martin. Rolands: James Doohan.

Bad Medicine - Corporal Gagnier faces the prospect of four days and four nights in the bush county without sleep, as be brings two desperate men back to civilization to face trial on a murder charge. Burke: John Kellogg. Trader: William Addison. Other Cast: Dan Sarazin.

Battle Of Innocents - A deranged man who beat his wife to death is on the loose. Jackson: Martin Andrews. Jeanne: Denyse Saint-Pierre.

Breakout - Pete Mallory, a three-time loser, makes a break from the jail near Shamattawa before be can be moved to the penitentiary. Mallory: Buddy Ferens.

Counterfeiter, The - A new girl in Shamattawa proposes marriage to Gagnier. Allison: Toby Robins.

Crash on 21 - Gagnier risks his life to save a man pinned under a truck. Urtz: Ed Simay. Thorn: George Bloomfield. Other Cast: Murray Westgate, Tony Kramreither, Ed McNamara, Hugh Webster, Jane Mallett, Aileen Seaton, Joe Austin, Howard Milsom.

David and Goliath - Constable Mitchell puts aside his uniform for the clothes of a juvenile beatnik in order to attempt to convict a man suspected of peddling narcotics to juveniles. Murphy: Lou Pitoscia. Williams: Alfie Scopp. Zaggerman: Ed McGibbon.

Day Of Reckoning - Corporal Gagnier attempts to arrest a young man accused of a serious offence and at the same time save the man's life. Gagnier's job: save a man's life- then arrest him. Ruth: Anne Helm. Hopwood: Ed McNamara. Fletcher: Gene Persson.

Extortionist, The - One of the jurors at Matthew Standing's trial is threatening Standing's family. Standing: Murray Westgate. Jean: Susan Douglas.

Gentle Executioner, The - The Baird household receives two kinds of milk. Some comes to the front door and some comes to the back- and some contains arsenic. Baird: Terence de Marney.

Gunslinger - A dream of the wild west becomes a reality for a boy and a whole community is terrorized before Corporal Gagnier meets the "gunslinger" in a showdown on the main street of Shamattawa. Wade: John Drainie. Hollis: David Sniderman.

Haystack Murders - A killer seems to think that haystacks make the best graveyards. Peggy: Toby Robins.

Hunt, The - The hunt for a stolen truck reveals a much more serious crime. Rawlins: Les Rubie.

Husband Trouble - Vera Cord's evidence put her husband behind bars. Now he is out of jail and she asks the RCMP for protection. Vera: Katharine Blake. Cord: Michael Kane.

Johnny Wolf - An episode dealing with what happens when an ambitious young man discovers he hasn't his successful father's ability. Annie: Denise Carter. Johnny Wolf: Larry Zahab.

Killer Instinct, The - A man almost kills someone before be leams the lesson of forgiveness. Pickett: John Kellogg.

Little Girl Lost - An imcompatible couple use their child as a weapon against each other, until one day she disappears. Bart: David Boyd. Gerta: Nancy Marchand.

Longest Week of the Year, The - Cpl. Jacques Gagnier and Constable Frank Scott face death in a raging blizzard to save the life of an injured trapper who wants to die. Eric House plays the trapper. Potter: James Barron.

Marked Man, The - A factory owner has been involved in several near-fatal accidents. Or are they accidents? McCready: James Doohan. Harvey: Ed McNamara. Jean Berault: Ovila Legare.

Moonshine - Constable Frank Scott's work in solving an unusual "moonshine" case seems to pass unnoticed by his superior. Then comes a rare invitation.

Mop-Up - A stolen police car, a wife-beater, three bad cheques, a lost automobile and bones under the bed - just a routine day in the life of RCMP detachment at Shamatawa. Mrs. Layton: Sandra Scott. Layton: Joe Austin.

Number Thirty-Four - Jack Reardon, convinced that society is conspiring against him, picks up his rifle and makes a "stand". Reardon: Joseph Boley.

Piggy Bank Robbery - Constable Frank Scott investigates a "bank robbery" and becomes involved with dynamite in more ways than one. Needham: Chris Wiggins. Vera: Lynne Gorman.

Poison Pen - Cpl. Jacques Gagnier investigates a series of "poison-pen" letters that appear in the town of Shamatawa. Willie Bullmeyer: David Opatoshu. Mabel: Susan Douglas. Johnson: Ed McGibbon.

Replacement, The - Corporal Gagnier tracks down a crazed killer and helps a murdered constable's wife to realize her husband's life was not wasted. Mildred: Frances Hyland.

Rustler, The - Cattle rustling and violent death make a return to Saskatchewan cattle country. Leonard Purdy: Dick Davalos. Martin Purdy: John Drainie.

Safeman Cometh, The - Constable Mitchell does some long-range guessing when a "gorilla man" runs afoul of the citizens of Shamattawa. With Leo Leyden and Chris Wiggins.

Shotgun Lady - The Shamatawa detachment it held at bay by an armed grandmother. Ann Gowby: Winifred Denis.

Smiling People, The - Corporal Gagmer has an important role in a murder trial of an Eskimo woman at Seal Bay in the Arctic. Koona: Nellie Nuktie. Fallon: Jack Creley. Wymark: Norman Ettlinger.

Storm O'Brian - Corporal Gagnier hears the voice on the radio say, "Your first cut is through the skin and fat until you see a white glistening layer," and reflects he could have stayed in Quebec and been a cook in his father's restaurant. McKendrick: Henry Ramer. Other cast: Alexander Webster, Billy Potton, Edith Houzer, Angus Baptiste.

Target For The Law - A romantic triangle becomes a deadly affair when the husband is found shot. Cpl. Gagnier gathers evidence to help the court decide whether or not a man is guilty of murder. Mattice: Clint Kimbrough. Lois: Mildred Trares. Garneau: John Drainie.

Thin Ice - Corporal Gagnier and Constable Scott gamble their knowledge of the north country in a desperate race over thin ice to apprehend a bank robber. Donnelly: Lloyd Bochner. Hulbert: Max Helpmann. Millie: Margaret Morris.

Third Question, The - A chicken stew and a carmel sundae play an important part in a case of a boy stealing church money. Gauthier: Nicholas McCombie.

Three Big Men - The appearance of some big-time crooks in Shamattawa must be dealt with. Hailsham: Michael Kane. Bannerman: Rick Rydon. Tornetti: Larry Zahab. Other Cast: Lew Davidson, Hugh Webster, Con Sheehan, Dave Plaunt.

Tourist Bait - Equipped with revolvers, a sawed-off shotgun and a machine gun, bank robbers arrive in Shamattawa. As they are looting the vault, Constable Scott strolls into the bank. Harry: Larry Zahab.

Trackdown - Cpl Gagnier and Const. Scott hunt for a missing priest who is believed murdered. Lamartine: George Alexander.

Violence At The Wedding - A spurned suitor brings bootleg whisky to a wedding reception at which Cpl. Gagnier is a guest. Anna: Toby Tarnow.

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