Quiz Kids (Series) (1978-1985)

Quiz Kids was a half-hour game show for elementary school children produced in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Each week a whole class arrived at the studio. From the class, six children are selected and divided into two groups, three under the word "QUIZ" and three under the word "KIDS." A panel was asked to choose a number which lit up, and the category of questions was declared. Questions were based on an ordinary child's knowledge of fairy tales, nursery rhymes, spelling, elementary science, and history/geography. Ten points were awarded for a correct answer. If an error was made, the group lost points and the question went to the opposing team. A version of the show was also carried in Toronto on CBLT on Saturdays and was available to other CBC-owned and-operated stations.

Jim Walsh....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user terrilynnoliver, January 25, 2015
I too was selected to be on this show in the early 80s...would really love to get a copy of that episode...pls email if anyone knows who to contact to request a copy! ty!!
Terri Oliver
this was a great show! I was chosen to be on the show in the early 80's and it has been a great childhood memory for me. it's too bad that they had to cancel it.If anybody out there knows how one would get a copy of a particular episode, please email me. thanks!

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