Episode Guide - Question Period (Series) (1967-1997; 2001-)

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Question Period
Dec 19, 1976 - Guest: P.C. member Alan Lawrence who is chairman of the public accounts committee on alleged pay offs to foreign agents re: Can-Du reactor. Panel: Charles Lynch, Bill Wilson, and John MacKenzie.

Jan 28, 1979 - With host Bruce Phillips, with guest this week Wilburt Hopper.

Apr 8, 1979 - Guest: Hon. Robert Stanfield. Panel: John McHugh, London Free Press; Christopher Young, Southam News; and Bill Wilson, Montreal Star.

Dec 9, 1979 - Guest is the Honourable Michael Wilson, Minister of State for International Trade. He is interviewed by Bill Wilson, Stephen Duncan and Wayne Cheveldayoff. Host is Ottawa Bureau Chief Bruce Phillips.

Feb 10, 1980 - The guest today is Ed Broadbent.

Jun 8, 1980 - Host Bruce Phillips welcomes this week Andre Ouellet, Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs. On the panel this week will be Pamela Wallin, Toronto Star, Michel Guenard, TVA and John Ferguson, Canadian Press.

Dec 21, 1980 - Today's guest is the Honourable Peter Lougheed, Premier of Alberta.

Jan 4, 1981 - Facing the panel today is the Honourable Mr. Ed Broadbent, Leader of the New Democratic Party.

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