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Jan 3, 1961 - In "Burlap Bags" by Len Peterson, two down-and-outers find a manuscript in the room of a man who has just committed suicide. The manuscript is enacted and turns out to be an off-beat "autobiography" by the dead man. In it he philosophizes on life around him and sees the world peopled by men and women who go through life in a daze, afraid to admit their weakness and foibles, blind to most things — in fact, with "burlap bags" over their heads. Starring in the role of the autobiographer, Tannahill, will be Montreal actor Percy Rodriguez. William Bell will portray the character Manitoba, and William Brydon plays the character Finlay. Other characters will be played by actors including Karen James, Ann Collings, Toby Tarnow, Lynn Orr, Winifred Dennis, William Brydon, George Sperdakos, James Beggs, Frank Leverman, Ronald Taylor and William Bell. Harvey Hart is producer, and Ross McLean it executive producer.

Jan 10, 1961 - "A Canvas for Conversation." Three young Canadian artists in their 30s will have a spirited argument. The artists — Harold Town, William Ronald and Jack Nichols — will argue about what gets at them and what they are getting at in their work. In the program, the artists criticize each other's style, method of getting inspiration and chosen locale in which to work.

Jan 17, 1961 - "An Evening Without James Reaney." Actor Jeremy Wilkin substitutes for poet Reaney in the latter's one-man masque stage presentation called Life and Death in Canada.

Jan 24, 1961 - Host Andrew Allan will present an examination of the beliefs and work of Yosef Drenters, farmer by day, sculptor by night.

Feb 7, 1961 - Last summer Canadian contralto Maureen Forrester was invited to perform at the Festival Casals in Puerto Rico, This is an account of her trip.

Feb 14, 1961 - A satirical comedy, For The Information of Husbands, will be presented. Larry Mann and Frances Hyland star.

Feb 21, 1961 - The blues will be featured with singers Eve Smith, Don Francks and the Don Thompson Quintet.

Feb 28, 1961 - "Return Journey," one of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas's lesser-known works, adapted by Paul Almond, will have its television premiere. Douglas Rain stars as the late Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, who returns to a bombed city in Wales in search of his youth. Others in the cast include Diana Maddox, Ray Jessel, Edward Atienza, Henry Comor and Gillie Fenwick.

Mar 14, 1961 - "Bikel Calling." Theodore Bikel sings folk songs from around the world.

Apr 11, 1961 - Chicago singer, Oscar Brown Jr., will present a program of his original songs.

Apr 18, 1961 - Playwright, author and humorist S. J. Perelman, writer of Acres and Pains, and one of the scriptwriters for Around The World in 80 Days, will talk with host Andrew Allan

Apr 25, 1961 - Canada's culture and its meaning.

May 9, 1961 - "The Wrecker," a comedy by Saul Bellow, produced by George McCowan. When a man and his wife are asked to vacate their apartment so the building can be torn down to make space for a school, the man decides to stick to his rights. With a few days remaining in his lease, he decides to start demolition work himself. Cast: Tom Harvey as Husband; Charmion King as Wife; Cosette Lee as Mother-in-Law; and Joe Austin as City Employee.

May 16, 1961 - Music from the vocal group of Jon Hendricks, Dave Lambert and Annie Ross, who simulate the sounds of the big bands.

May 30, 1961 - Mordecai Richeler. Canadian novelist Mordecai Richeler, recently returned to Canada after nine years in Europe, views his own works and introduces characters in his novels in dramatized excerpts. Produced by Daryl Duke. Cast: Martin Lavut as Duddy Kravitz; Art Jenoff as Cohen; Jack Duffy as Virgil; Larry Solway as Shalinsky; Arch McDonnell as Griffin.

Jun 6, 1961 - Death in the Barren Ground. A repeat of a program carried Oct. 18th, 1959, on Explorations. Norman Ettlinger is narrator of this true story, illustrated with still photography and animation, of 19-year old Edgar Christian and two other English explorers who perished from exposure on an expedition near Great Slave Lake in 1927. The story was compiled from entries in Christian's diary, found by the RCMP with the bodies two years later. The voice of Douglas Rain is heard as Christian, and the voice of Alan King as Christian's uncle, John Hornby.

Jun 13, 1961 - Actress Anna Cameron in two dramatized readings from Katherine Mansfield's short stories.

Jun 20, 1961 - The Human Voice, a one-character drama by Jean Cocteau, starring Norma Renault; world television premiere

Jun 27, 1961 - A Day in the Life of the Great Scholar Wu, drama, Ted Follows, Norman Welsh; a glimpse at the sad lot of scholars in ancient feudal China.

Oct 8, 1961 - The Asylum. A dramatic study of a young woman's thoughts and actions as she attempts to adjust to the reality of her existence in a mental asylum. Adapted for television by Harvey Hart from the short story by French writer Pierre Gascar. Starring Elise Charette, Jane Mallet, Joan Maroney, Victoria Mitchell, Catherine Proctor and Maud Whitmore.

Oct 15, 1961 - The Alcoholic Veteran With The Washboard Cranium, a dramatic character sketch from a short story by Henry Miller.

Oct 22, 1961 - In Love, a love story set to jazz, with Jackie Cain and Roy Kral, husband and wife team.

Nov 5, 1961 - Do Jerry Parker, drama; comedian Frank Gorshin stars as psychopathic impressionist

Nov 19, 1961 - The House of the Rising Sun, sequel to last season's The Blues; Eve Smith and Don Francks with guests — Dizzy Reese and Wray Downes.

Dec 3, 1961 - Two From Mansfield. Anna Cameron gives readings from two short stones by Katherine Mansfield. The first story, entitled The Garden Party, follows a young girl's thoughts and actions at a party given by her wealthy parents. Late At Night, the second story, dwells on a young woman and her reactions to a letter. It is a "thank you" note of sorts, phrased in a manner that does not come up to the young woman's expectations.

Dec 10, 1961 - The Last Clock, a short story by the late James Thurber, has been adapted for television by Eric Cameron and stars Larry Mann. Time enters into the story in many forms and with many meanings. A small mythical country, ruled by an Ogre (Mann) runs out of time, literally, as the Ogre goes on a diet of clocks, gobbling up the nation's timepieces with such appetite and gusto that he dies of indigestion, and the country is deprived of the means of telling the time.

Dec 17, 1961 - An informal conversation with author Henry Miller will be presented. Miller will converse with his old friend and biographer, Alfred Perles, who wrote a biography of Miller entitled My Friend Henry Miller. The two men will reminisce about their younger days in Paris, very often lean days, and recall their contemporaries in Paris in the thirties - such as Salvador Dali, who lived in the same rooming house as Miller.

Dec 24, 1961 - Picnic on the Battlefield, by French author Arrabal, stars Jeremy Wilkin, Gillie Fenwick, Jane Mallett; story of the confusion and futility of war.

Dec 31, 1961 - The Double Six of Paris, a French vocal group, will make its debut on English-language television.

Mar 4, 1962 - Down Home Blues. Blues singers and instrumentalists Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee present a program of blues music. McGee plays the guitar and Terry plays the harmonica. They appeared on the Emmy Award winning show Tonight with Belafonte, on PM West, and other U.S. shows.

May 6, 1962 - Olatunji — An African In New York. A half-hour African musical starring Nigerian drummer Michael Olatunji with eight other musicians including Al Shackman, guitar, and Clark Terry, trumpet. Dancers and singers are also featured.

Mar 3, 1963 - "The Wounded Soldier." When surgery fails to correct a war veteran's disfigurement, he is determined to face the world rather than become a recluse. Adapted by Jack Kuper from a story by George Garrett. Cast: Veteran (Robin Gammell); Officer (Larry Beattie); Doctor (Bernard Behrens); Girl (Sharon Acker); Nurse (Pat Moffatt); Circus Owner (Larry Mann).

Apr 7, 1963 - Two. A program of two short experimental Canadian films. 1. May I Have Your Attention Please, A wry and slightly bitter look at spectator sports. 2. Run. A comment on the conditions of man's life today— a condition of running. Starring William Brydon.

Apr 14, 1963 - Eulogy. Two funeral scenes which have to do with the death of two American boys. The first is Rufus' funeral from James Baldwin's latest novel, Another Country, starring Percy Rodriguez and Eve Smith. The second in a Rabbi's funeral speech originally published in Commentary magazine, Eulogy for an American. This second piece is a solo performance by the Montreal-born actor Joseph Wiseman who now makes his career in the States.

Apr 21, 1963 - The Establishment. Excerpts from the English satirical revue which has appeared in Washington and Chicago, and is currently playing to packed houses in New York's Stroller's Club. The Establishment originates from the same group which gave birth to Beyond the Fringe. The performers in the revue are John Bird, Carol Simpson, Eleanor Bron, John Fortune and Jeremy Geidt.

May 26, 1963 - A program on contemporary television, featuring excerpts from the highly successful BBC series — That Was The Week That Was.

Oct 22, 1963 - The Living Premise. Television premiere of the off-Broadway revue which stars Godfrey Cambridge, Diana Sands, Al Freeman Jr., Jo Ann Le Compte and David Peterson. A bitter, funny and sometimes vicious satirical revue, the first to grow out of the racial struggles and headlines of the past few months in the United States.

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