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Quentin Durgens, M.P.
Season 1 - 6 episodes (as part of The Serial)

Oct 7, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 1. (The Serial). First program in a six-part drama, originally shot on videotape, about a young lawyer who enters politics, winning his late father's parliamentary seat in the riding of Moose Falls, Ontario. The young MP, Quentin Durgens, played by Gordon Pinsent, comes to Ottawa to try to do what is best for his riding, but discovers that he has to struggle against ambitious and unscrupulous people. Cast credit for this series: Gordon Pinsent, Budd Knapp, Paisley Maxwell, Clay Bellingham: Paul Kligman, Bill Kemp, Amanda Davis: Nancy Kerr, Cy Mack, Roxana Bond, Leslie Barringer, Ovila Légaré, Stan Francis, Dennis Sweeting, Duane Howard, Frances Gunn.

Oct 14, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 2. (The Serial). Quentin Durgens is elected but gets a big surprise when he arrives in Ottawa.

Oct 21, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 3. (The Serial). Quent Durgens announces that he's going ahead with the dam project.

Oct 28, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 4. (The Serial). The government is re-elected with a majority of only one, and freshman member Quent Durgens finds himself in an unexpected position of power.

Nov 4, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 5. (The Serial).

Nov 18, 1965 - "Mr. Member of Parliament." Episode 6. (The Serial). MP Quentin Durgens incurs the wrath of his party by his obstinacy in pushing through his own project and encounters more problems in his riding.

Season 2 - 9 episodes

Dec 6, 1966 - "A Question of Privilege." First episode in the series. On this program, Canadian Member of Parliament Quentin Durgens is accused of leaking secret information from party meetings to the news media. The more he tries to defend himself, the guiltier he appears, and he is threatened with expulsion from the party. Cast credit: Gordon Pinsent, Chris Wiggins, Franz Russell, Suzanne Lévesque, Ovila Légaré.

Dec 13, 1966 - "A Doubtful Diagnosis."

Dec 20, 1966 - "A Family Affair." This episode deals with the immigration to Canada of a mother from behind the Iron Curtain.

Dec 27, 1966 - "Hold High the Mirror."

Jan 10, 1967 - "It's a Wise Father."

Jan 17, 1967 - "The Expo Affair." Quentin Durgens tackles the perennial Canadian question of French-English relations in trying to save the Quebec pavilion from being razed at the end of Expo 67.

Jan 24, 1967 - "You Take the High Road." Quentin Durgens is back in Moose Falls where he falls prey to a graft scheme by the mayor.

Jan 31, 1967 - "Plague on Your House", Part 1. Quentin Durgens is in big political trouble. It seems Quent is helping a company get established that turns out to be U.S.-controlled- very bad these days. And what is this conniving company up to? It plans to open up thousands of acres in Northern Ontario for cattle-raising.

Feb 7, 1967 - "Plague on Your House", Part 2. Quentin's party leaks a story that Opposition leader Jessop had been having homosexual affairs. Jessop counters with claims of MPs accepting bribes, including Quentin's late father. Quentin Durgens resigns and returns to Moose Falls. MP Rosemary Lindrom is played by Charmion King.


Mar 27, 1968 - "The Road to Chaldaea," a two-hour Quentin Durgens, MP drama special by George Robertson, starring Gordon Pinsent in the title role, with Jean Louis Roux as Forget, William Needles as Harriott, Ovila Legare as Letourneau, Stevie Wise as Mme. Forget and Cec Linder as Sherwin. This is a drama of the conflicts and power struggles of a federal party leadership convention.

Season 3 - 16 episodes

Sep 24, 1968 - "The Well-Marked Page." A 16-year-old page boy in the House of Commons, Marc Grandpre, is "retired" at about the same time his 11-year old brother, Michel, is taken on as a page. When Marc discovers that his five years of service in the House don't qualify him for the find of job he might have landed if he'd continued his education, Durgens tries to find employment for him. Quent realizes that all the page boys are at the same disadvantage when their term in Parliament is up, but in trying to solve their problem, he finds it is too late to prevent a tragedy for Marc. Besides Gordon Pinsent in the Durgens role, the cast stars Ron Tanguay as Marc; Eric Groulx as his younger brother, Michel; Dennis Sweeting as the Speaker of the House; Suzanne Levesque as 'Toinette; Murray Westgate as Wally Burke; and Jean Cavall as Raymond. The director is David Gardner.

Oct 1, 1968 - "A Time for Hymns and Brandywine." Gillie Fenwick is cast as Reverend Mr. Kerr, a hellfire-and-brimstone clergyman who challenges Quentin Durgens to take a side in the campaign preceding a vote on local liquor option in Moose Falls, Durgens's hometown. As far as Kerr is concerned, 'the drinking fool is Satan's tool'. When Quent declares that the people should decide whether the town shall be 'wet' or 'dry', without political interference, the minister's wrath descends on the youthful Member of Parliament, with wildly comic consequences. The drama is produced and directed by John Trent.

Oct 8, 1968 - "Thy Brother's Keeper." Quentin Durgens, MP defends an Indian accused of murdering his brother in Thy Brother's Keeper. Durgens finds that not even he is free of the disease of prejudice. Cast as the accused killer is Terry Lavallee.

Oct 15, 1968 - "Fade In Fade Out"

Oct 22, 1968 - "A Very Fine Line"

Oct 29, 1968 - "Where Did All the Flowers Go." Diane Dewey plays a fiercely dedicated social worker trying to help the lost and frightened hippies who live in Toronto's Yorkville district. Quentin Durgens comes into the drama when, as a member of the Parliamentary committee responsible for the 'Canada Youth Corps', he is sent from Ottawa to find out why the girl is in trouble with the police. David Gardner directs.

Nov 12, 1968 - Unknown episode.

Nov 19, 1968 - "The Night Nothing Happened"

Nov 26, 1968 - "Lonely Lion"

Dec 10, 1968 - Unknown episode.

Dec 17, 1968 - Unknown episode.

Dec 24, 1968 - Unknown episode.

Dec 31, 1968 - Unknown episode.

Jan 7, 1969 - "Fame is the Foe"

Jan 14, 1969 - "Master In the House." Krysta Jarmicki plays her first television starring role as the new wife of a recently-appointed Cabinet Minister whose prolonged absences from home threaten their marriage. Other guest stars: Ted Follows (David Forbes); Krysta Jarmicki (Faye Forbes); Jon Granik (Conker);

Jan 28, 1969 - "Case for the Defense"

Airdates unknown:

"The Other Side of the Fence." With guest star Margot Kidder.

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