Puttnam's Prairie Emporium (Series) (1988-1990)

Puttnam's Prairie Emporium
Originally a local program on CTV’s Regina affiliate CKCK-TV, Puttnam's Prairie Emporium found its way into CTV's Saturday morning children's program block for two seasons.

Set in an old-fashioned general store where wishes came true and anything could happen, Puttnam's Prairie Emporium served up modern fables without being pedantic or boring. The emporium's proprietor, Mr. Puttnam, his divorced daughter and two grandchildren, along with a couple of puppets— sax-playing cool cat Caldicott and "beefalo head" Benjamin—kept the show moving at a respectable pace. They also provided interest for any parents watching— as did the tongue-in-cheek references, to scriptwriters, puppeteers and production budgets.

A total of 52 episodes were produced, including one behind-the-scenes episode and one bloopers episode, and the series won a number of awards.

George Alexander .... Mr. Puttnam
Brandie Mickleborough .... Katy
Jeremy Drummond .... Mark
Coral Crum .... Ellen
Billy Morton .... Ivan
Rosco Bell .... Benjamin the Beefalo Head (voice)
John Wilson .... Caldicott Cool Catt (voice)
Drew Snider .... Various Characters (1988)
Ian Paul .... Various Characters (1988)
Randy Apostle .... Various Characters (1989-90)
Louis Neuman .... Various Characters (1989-90)

Original Broadcaster(s): CKCK, CTV

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