Puppets are Fun (Series) (1955)

This weekly, fifteen minute summer show demonstrated to youngsters how to make, paint, dress, and operate puppets.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I was the weekly “star” of Puppets are Fun, produced at the then new CBOT studios on Lanark Avenue.

I was 12 years old. Paid $15.00 a show including a days rehearsal.

Guests changed weekly and brought different aspects of hand puppets and marionettes / string puppets to challenge me. Lots of fun situations and scenarios.

Host was, I believe, Michael Sinelnikof from Halifax.

Producer was Marion Dunn.

I have at least one script.

The show was live, in black & white. Half hour English and the half hour French on CBOT.

There was a large stage built for hand and string puppets.

Music: Intro was Dance of the Marionettes from Frank Chacksfield and His Orchestra from the LP Ebb Tide / 1951. Other music during the show was from an EP – Jimmy Carroll’s Speed the Parting Guest.

On one show I was to hold an ice cream cone and not eat it—hot lights prevented real ice cream. It was mashed potatoes sprayed with DDT. Of course I forgot and bit into it during the productions.

This was 60 years ago. Anyone involved in Puppets are Fun still alive??

David Dunlop
T: 613-237-9397

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