Public Eye, The (Series) (1965-1969)

The Public Eye was a half-hour public affairs broadcast. The series opened with a discussion between host Philip Deane and NBC broadcaster David Brinkley on the responsibility of television public affairs broadcasts, to set the agenda for the show. The program tried to treat its subjects with greater detail and analysis than weekly news digest programs.

The Public Eye covered a vast array of subjects, national and international, over its run. During the final season, The Public Eye altered its format and included a studio audience, to capitalize on the success the previous season with televised "town meetings."

For several 1966 programs, titled This Week, The Public Eye combined production forces with Newsmagazine

Philip Deane....Host
Warner Troyer....Host
Norman DePoe....Host
Larry Zolf....Host
Barry Callaghan....Host
Peter Jennings....Host
Jeanne Sauve....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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