Promise the Moon (TV Movie) (1997)

Promise the Moon
Roy Leckner is a ranch hand who has made a promise to his dying employer to find his long lost son and bring him home. When a local businessman plots to take over the running of the ranch the race to find the boy becomes ever more urgent...

Henry Czerny....Royal Leckner
Colette Stevenson....Jane Makepeace
Aidan Devine....James Bennett
Richard Donat....Wilbur Bennett
Shawn Ashmore....Leviatus Bennett
Ken James....Charlie
Gloria May Eshkibok....Sophie Twelvetrees
David Fox....Sir Robert Butler
Gordon Michael Woolvett....Little Jay
Frank Crudele....Mexican Jack
Richard McMillan....Andrew Notman
J. Winston Carroll....McNabb
James Nicholson....Frenchy
Maja Ardal....Mrs. McNaish
Robert Haley....Dr. Ladreen
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byGloria May, June 10, 2007
Being in this show was a hoot. My favorite part is when I beat up 3 cowboys in one shot. Adrian Devine says to me: Gloria May Eshkibok that was the worse part of my acting career... I said back to him that was the best part of my acting career.. not to mention some good therapy... for all those ignorant white men who called us native women squaw.

It also shows my empathy to the first settlers stories. The war of power money and greed of the corporations such as banks...

Peace Out

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