Program X (Series) (1970-1973)

Writer and broadcaster Charles Oberdorf was the host of Program X, an anthology of drama and performance that ranged from the conventional to the experimental. The series had an extremely low budget of about seven thousand dollars per episode, but often achieved valuable results for the cost. It showcased new, domestic writing talent.

The series was also a showcase for performances that featured one person, such as Bits And Pieces: Gordon Pinsent, and That Hamilton Woman, with Barbara Hamilton, and a television adaptation of Mia Anderson's solo tour de force, Ten Women, Two Men, And A Moose.

Vernon Chapman
Bruce Martin
Ronald Mlodzik
Charles Oberdorf....Host
Barbara O'Kelly
Lister Sinclair....Narrator
Tom Skudra
Moses Smith
Norman Snider
Michael Spence
Gordon Pinsent
Barbara Hamilton

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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