Possession of Michael D., The (TV Movie) (1995)

Aka: Legacy of Evil

Possession of Michael D., The
Michael and Jenny want to start to live together but the presence of a dark force begins to destroy their happiness forever. Everything seems to focus on Michael who has terrible nightmares and who begins to adopt strange and violent personalities. When common medicine does not offer any solution the couple decides to consult a parapsychologist who discovers that Michael is possessed by a demon. But in order to help him and to exorzise the devil the experts first have to discover his dark secret which is hidden in his past.

Phylicia Rashad....Dr. Marion Hale
Stephen Lang....Michael
Sheila McCarthy....Jenny
Michael Riley....Dr. Nick Galler
Roger Rees....Robin Banks
Bernard Behrens....Dr. Jerry
Cecilley Carroll....Allyson
Vernon Chapman....The Priest
Richard Chevolleau....David
Tracey Cook....Sheila
Diane D'Aquila....Charlotte
Don Francks....Marcel
Nicky Guadagni....The Neurologist
Ryan Gifford....Young Michael
Linda Goranson....Helene
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