Popular Mechanics for Kids (Series) (1997-2001)

Popular Mechanics for Kids
Each week, the show's teenage hosts, Elisha and Jay, with the help of Charlie, their equally curious neighborhood fix-it shop owner, go where few kids have gone before, taking on new adventures, exploring things most kids can only dream about–flying a jet fighter, creating realistic special effects for a movie, manning the helm of a nuclear-powered submarine, inspecting the world's highest roller coaster and even crawling through a big city's underground sewer system.

Elisha and Jay's curiosity provides the spark for each episode. Their search for answers takes them around the country to get hands-on experience and a behind-the-scenes look at things all kids would love to explore and know more about. On "Popular Mechanics For Kids," Elisha and Jay aren't on the sidelines, they're in the middle of everything, and they take you along with them on all their adventures.

Elisha Cuthbert
Jay Baruchel
Charles Powell
Tyler Kyte
Vanessa Lengies
Taylor Baruchel

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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