Poltergeist: The Legacy (Series) (1996-1997)

Poltergeist: The Legacy
The Legacy is a secret society that began many centuries ago to accumulate knowledge and artifacts to help fight against the evil in the world. This particular Legacy team is set in San Francisco in a castle-like house on Angel Island. Dr. Derek Rayne heads up the team comprised of psychiatrist, Rachel Corrigan; priest Philip Callaghan; ex-Navy Seal Nick Boyle; and researcher/psychic Alex Moreau.

Although this series was produced until 1999, CTV only aired one season due to the gore and violence.

Derek de Lint....Derek Rayne, Ph.D.
Martin Cummins....Nick Boyle
Robbi Chong....Alexandra Moreau
Helen Shaver....Rachel Corrigan, MD
Patrick Fitzgerald....Father Philip Callaghan
Alexandra Purvis....Katherine 'Kat' Corrigan
Daniel J. Travanti....William Sloan

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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