Polka Dot Shorts (Series) (1995-2000)

Polka Dot Shorts
Polka Dot Shorts was a children's television show from TV Ontario in Canada, which has been broadcast around the world.

Each episode would start with a human host who would introduce each episode to a gathering of children as she was about to read the story from a book. The stories themselves would be dramatized by actors in large suits, playing the puppets from Polka Dot Door, while the reader would provide the dialogue. A new character was added to the Polka Dot Door family - Polkaroo's pet bibble, named Bibble. Although Bibble was only capable of making sounds that loosely resemble "bibblebibblebibble", he was able to bibble in various tones which indicate his mood.

At one point in every episode, one or more of the characters would discover a large pair of polka dot shorts, and exclaim, "A great big pair of polka dot shorts! How did they get there!?"

In later seasons of the show, the human hostess/storyteller was cut, and the show's action started immediately.

Greg Lanthier .... Polkaroo (live action)
Andrew Sabiston .... Polkaroo (voice)
Line Roberge-Poirier .... Humpty (live action)
Brunella Battista .... Dumpty (live action)
Julie Lemieux .... Dumpty (voice)
Alisa Walton .... Marigold (live action)
Charles Schott .... Bear (live action)
Brian Moffatt .... Bear (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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