Police Surgeon (Series) (1971-1975)

Aka: Dr. Simon Locke; Docteur Simon Locke

Police Surgeon started life under the title Dr. Simon Locke. Dr. Simon Locke was a medical series with a down-home flavour starring Jack Albertson as an ageing country doctor training young successor Simon Locke in Dixon Mills, USA. Although not broadcast on the entire CTV network, the first season did get broadcast by several individual stations in Canada. After the first season, the series was retitled to Police Surgeon as the character Simon Locke went from country doctor to big city police surgeon.

The series was produced in Canada for CTV and U.S. syndication.

Sam Groom .... Dr. Simon Locke
Len Birman .... Chief Dan Palmer (1971-1973)
Jack Albertson .... Dr. Andrew Sellers (1971-1972)
Nuala Fitzgerald .... Louise Wynn (1971-1972)
Sean Sullivan .... Jake (1971-1972)
Larry D. Mann .... Lt. Jack Gordon (1973-1975)

Original Broadcaster(s): Syndicated, CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user greazychikkin, July 8, 2010
I mostly remember seeing the police surgeon van driving around MIMICO, as a kid, and seeing an rv with 'LARRY D MANN' written on the door in those sticky mailbox letters, I think Martin Sheen was in an episode.

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