Platinum (TV Movie) (1997)

A two-hour TV movie on CTV which is a cynical examination of the music biz, corporate corruption and how art and the human soul can and do get squashed by greed and a lack of integrity.

Simon Tucker, the president of a hot indie label with integrity (Platinum) is all hot and bothered by an all-female punk band called Ophelia... and especially by their crimson-haired singer Astrid. The problem is simple. Ophelia is being wooed by slimey don't-care-about-music, just-wearing-nice-suits execs from a bigger, rival record company (Archangel). Only the problem isn't really so simple, because Tucker's professional partner Michelle Michaud is busy makin' clandestine deals with the hunk from Archangel.

Robert Cavanah....Simon Tucker
Pascale Bussières....Michelle Michaud
Laura Bertram....Jessica Webb
Tanya Allen....Astrid Kirsh
Clare Sims....Angie
Kent Waters....Action Boy
Chip Chuipka....Loach
Carl Alacchi....Gunther Haller
Vik Sahay....Anthony Medeci
Stewart Bick....Mickey Charles
Jackie Burroughs....Sir Ian Ball-Worthington
Maxim Roy....Sasha Baley
Jennifer Pierce....Lina Smith
Kim Temple....Cyn Thompson
Gouchy Boy....Zeke

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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