Pierre Berton Show, The (Series) (1962-1973)

Aka: The Pierre Berton Hour; Pierre Berton Show Revisited

Pierre Berton hosted the one-hour interview show called The Pierre Berton Hour for one season nationally on CTV. After the first season, the show moved production to CHCH-TV, was cut down to a half-hour and was presented over a limited network of five Canadian stations from Calgary to Montreal until 1973. Season two also brought a panel represented as the Canadian Institute of Trivial Affairs dedicated to "Man and dialectics in the society of the absurd." Three panelists, usually two men and a woman, discussed with Berton in an atmosphere of mock gravity such widely and wildly divergent subjects as: Should dogs and cats be allowed in the house?; etiquette in the atomic age; Canadian politicians and their ways; medical confession magazines; and television commercials.

Pierre Berton .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV,CHCH

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