Pick the Stars (Series) (1954-1957)

Pick the Stars aimed to provide a showcase for new talent, but also to be an entertaining half-hour of acts that ranged from singers and dancers to instrumentalists and circus-style acts.

The season was organized in six cycles of six programs, in which the final show of every cycle was a semi-final, the winner receiving five hundred dollars. Competition in the final three shows of the season determined the two winners of one thousand dollar grand prizes.

For the first season, viewer mail determined the winners of the semi-finals, but to judge the best of the four acts presented each week the show also convened a panel. As well, the format changed in the final season, as judges were chosen from across the country, and their votes were tabulated by telephone.

Dick MacDougal....Host (1954-1956)
Pat Morgan....Host (1956-1957)
Clyde Gilmour....Panelist
Ernest Rawley....Panelist
Herman Geiger-Torel....Panelist
Midge Arthur....Panelist
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