Phylactère Cola (Series) (1995-2003)

Phylactère Cola
Brought together by a shared passion for cartoons, eight young Quebec City talents turned to community television in 1995 to produce ten shows on their favourite topic. Limited only by their imaginations, the illustrators traded in their drawing boards for cameras to produce the show, improvising as they went to become scriptwriters, cameramen, actors, set designers, stuntmen, and sound men. Not long after, musician and all-around sound guy Éric Pfalzgraf joined the group. And so Phylactère Cola was born-a unique and original enterprise that distills the spirit of cartooning into a delirious world of live-action video.

Boo....Moyen/Vesse-de-loup-man/Soldat Boulanger
Brazil....Maman/L'homme du St-Laurent/Petit Richter
Carnior....Zobo/Le cascadeur/Karatéka-Kébec/Davy Rocket
Eddie....Eddie/Rico/Le Fakir
L'Ami Francis....Savant fou/Le boucher mobile/
Giral....Barbaraie/Cloune/M. Fisher
Strob....John Smith/Le scientifique/La vieille
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