Phoenix Team, The (Series) (1980)

The Phoenix Team was a CBC series of 8 one-hour adventure dramas about former spies, brought back into action and into collaboration by circumstance.

Valerie Koester, a British secret service agent, enlists the unofficial help of her colleague and former lover, David Brook. Brook had been a top agent in the Canadian service during the years of the Cold War; since espionage started to get more high-tech, however, he found himself alienated from the craft and demoted to a desk job. Nonconformists and authority-flouters, Brook and Koester were set against Brook's overly bureaucratic and technocratic superior, Graydon, and the General, the head of Canadian secret service, who actually sympathized with their desire for independence and their initiative, and relied on them.

Arnie Achtman....Theo
Lee Broker....Janev
Gerry Crack....Moffat
Don Francks....David Brook
Amelia Hall....Miss Woods
Brian Linehan....Graydon
Mavor Moore....The General
Steve Pernie....Carvallo
Elizabeth Shepherd....Valerie Koester

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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