Pepinot and Capucine (Series) (1952-1957)

Aka: Pépinot et Capucine

Pepinot and Capucine
Puppets Pepinot and Capucine first appeared in a comic strip for the children's French language weekly newspaper, Francais. In 1952, the characters were developed into the first children's television show, airing from Montreal under the direction of Jean Paul Ladouceur. The program was shortened to "Pepinot" in 1954. The characters consisted of Pepinot, Capucine, Mr. White, Bruin the Bear, Mr. Potiron, and Pow-Pow the villain.

The program aired in both English and French.

Charlotte Boisjoli .... Pepinot (Voice and puppet)
Marie-Éve Liénard .... Capucine (Voice and puppet)
Jean Boisjoli .... Pan Pan and L'Ours (Bruin the Bear) (Voices and puppets)
Guy Hoffman .... Monsieur Potiron (Mr. Potiron) (Voice and puppet)
Robert Rivard .... Monsieur Blanc (Mr. White) (Voice and Puppet)
Paule Bayard .... (Voice)
André Loiseau .... (Voice)
Gérard Paradis .... (Voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): SRC, CBC

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This program although originally in French was also broadcast in English and was quite suitable for me when I was seven years old. I remember it being one of my favourite programs and far more interesting to me than, for example Howdy Doody, the other children's program I can recall.

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