People Talking Back (Series) (1979)

People Talking Back was a CBC series of six programs of participation television. The premiere broadcast ran three hours, and used satellite feed, telephones, and computer polls to link viewers across the country from a base at Edmonton's Victoria Composite High School. In addition to interviews, the program included brief documentaries, street interviews and sketches to prompt discussion. The program addressed itself to a range of issues about the way Canadians live and how they feel about their jobs, the economy, and politics.

The 5 half-hour follow-up programs were presented on Sunday afternoons, and concentrated on more specific issues, such as politicians and the media, jobs and work and unemployment, the role of the economy in meeting the desires of Canadians, and prospects for the future.

Gordon Pinsent .... Host (first episode)
John Hanlon .... Host (5 episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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