People in Conflict (Series) (1962-1970)

People in Conflict was a dramatic afternoon program which appeared on the CTV network every weekday from Oct. 1, 1962 to Sep. 11, 1970. Beginning in 1966, it was also broadcast once a week in an evening time slot.

Each half-hour program presented two complete stories of real-life people in emotional crisis. The situations were based on fact - problems which people have actually faced. Professional actors filled the roles, describing to a panel of three expert counsellors (psychologists, probation officers, family service specialists, clergy, lawyers, etc.) the experience and problems contained to be resolved.

Some typical conflicts could be that of a 16-year old girl who wants to get married and her parents feel she is too young; a wife who indulges in alcoholic beverages and her husband, feels that she is drinking to excess; etc.

Originally produced by Rai Purdy for Screen Gems (Canada) Ltd., in the Vancouver studios of the CTV network affiliate station, CHAN-TV. Production moved to Montreal the late 1960's.

Screen Gems licensed the series to the Daily News station WPIX in New York in 1964.

William McCarthy .... Host (early seasons)
Don McGowan .... Host (later seasons)
H.A.D. Oliver, Q.C. .... Panelist
Dr. Gordon Bryenton .... Panelist
Rosemary Brown .... Panelist
Dr. Philip Hewitt .... Panelist
Betty Marie Morton .... Panelist
Margot Kidder .... (3 episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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