Pencil Box Theatre (Series) (1976-1979)

Aka: Pencil Box

Pencil Box Theatre was a half-hour program for children produced in Ottawa, featuring stories written by children. Productions involved a wide range of techniques, including puppets, mime, masks, and animation. Actors performed in black limbo sets and were electronically keyed into cutout sets representing the creation of schoolchildren. Many of the stories, which came mostly from kids age eight to twelve, involved ghosts and monsters and disasters, but others combined elements of the everyday with the fantastical. The puppets Bolo Bat, Stubby Pencil, Miffy Skunk, and Clara Cactus appeared in the show, providing continuity between skits. Interviews with children were also included.

For the first half the final season, Pencil Box aired as part of the weekday program package, For Kids Only.

Jim Bradford .... Regular
Holly Larocque .... Regular
Moira Pyper .... Regular
Bill Zimmerly .... Regular
Charles Kerr .... Regular
Michael Bolton .... Regular (Season 3)
Christine Zimmerly .... Regular (Season 3)
Don Westwood .... Regular (Season 3)
William "Sandy" Wallace .... Regular (Season 3)
Noreen Young .... Puppeteer
Bob Dermer .... Puppeteer

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user margo, September 11, 2008
I am trying to find a copy of one of the episodes of Pencil Box called "Queen Candy" that I wrote as a child. How can I find it?
Please let me know when you can.
Thank you.
Margo Scott

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