Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist (Series) (1971-1972)

Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist was a 26-week, Monday to Friday afternoon drama series based on the psychiatrist-patient relationship. Starring as psychiatrist Dr. Paul Bernard was award-winning actor Chris Wiggins.

The focus was the drama of the woman's life, her problem. These were not case histories, but they were about women with problems of the common everyday, garden variety — problems that women easily identified with. Each day a different woman patient was seen in a session with the psychiatrist. There were 20 patients in all; each was featured on the show one day a month, so each was, in a sense, a continuing character.

The dramas were of two types, both revealing a moment of insight in the woman's life. In one type, the patient made a revealing confession; in the other type, she came to a sudden realization. In both types of episodes, the patient gained some new insight that affected her life.

Michael Spivak was the creator, head writer and co-director.

Co-produced by Spivak's Jaylar Productions Ltd. of Toronto, in conjunction with the CBC. Also involved in co-financing and international distribution, was Fremantle International

Other Writers: Bill Bankier, Dennis Donovan, Grace Richardson, Gary Plaxton, Tony Flanders, Corinne Langston, Jack Cunningham, and Vicki Brandon.

The 130 episodes were filmed in 3 months.

Chris Wiggins .... Dr. Paul Bernard
Josephine Barrington .... Mrs. Patterson
Anna Cameron .... Mrs. Johnson
Marcia Diamond .... Mrs. Finley
Nuala Fitzgerald .... Katie Connor
Gale Garnett .... Mrs. Donaldson
Dawn Greenhalgh .... Alice Talbot
Kay Hawtrey .... Mrs. Collins
Valerie-Jean Hume .... Miss Parker
Barbara Kyle .... Karen Lampman
Carol Lazare .... Mrs. Brookfield
Peggy Mahon .... Miss Michaels
Phyllis Marshall .... Connie Walker
Paisley Maxwell .... Mrs. Roberts
Arlene Meadows .... Vickie Lombard
Micki Moore .... Jennifer Barlow
Diane Polley .... Mrs. Bradshaw
Vivian Reis .... Mrs. Wilkins
Shelley Sommers .... Barbara Courtney
Tudi Wiggins .... Mrs. Howard
Til Hanson
Michele Oricoine
Toby Tarnow

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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