Paul Anka Show, The (Series) (1982-1983)

Aka: Anka

Paul Anka Show, The
Paul Anka hosted this half-hour of a little laughter and mostly music. The series, taped in Vancouver, had a house orchestra (Don Costa's), as usual; there were occasional gag guests (such as two inert cockatoos who refused to peck out a tune on a row of glassware) and the customary limp prattle between host and guest (Anka: "You've come a long way, baby." Anne Murray: "I know"). The guest list had big names: Peggy Lee, Dan Hill, Andy Williams, Dionne Warwick, Helen Reddy. Julio Igiesias, Liona Boyd, Mireille Mathieu, Wayne Gretzky, Sherisse Laurence, Cheryl Ladd and, of course, Anne Murray filling the bill- and each one being showcased separately. Anka sang too, of course, and every now and then got wrapped in some lines that weren't in the script. An ad-libbing Anne Murray impulsively reached out, grabs her startled host and planted a resounding kiss on him. Anka, his composure shattered, gratis the cue cards and waved them at the audience, shouting, "Where does it say 'Great singer gets little-boy singer horny'?"

Paul Anka....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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