Patsy Gallant Show (Series) (1978-1979)

Patsy Gallant Show
This show asked you to shake-shake-shake, shake your bootie and slip your disco, too. The eye-popping lighting and panting beat of the disco were the backdrop here for Patsy Gallant. What happened, or went down, amounts to this, boogie children: disco music and the kind of songs she made into hits in two languages, belted out with the help of her own ear-threatening band, a frenetic dance ensemble and a three-girl chorus specializing in the Shoop-Shoop School of Backup Lyrics. Patsy glittered and gyrated in gossamer gowns, sequinned pant suits and slithery dresses that were slit thigh-high, and said her guest list "will make your knees shake and your liver quiver."

Patsy Gallant

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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