Passport to Adventure (Series) (1965-1967)

Aka: Passport

Elwy Yost introduced classic Hollywood films, which were presented in serial format in a half-hour time slot, four days a week. Each week, Yost welcomed a guest to talk about the movie. In the second season, the show's title was changed to Passport.

Elwy Yost

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user uriah, December 30, 2009
My favorite was the MAGIC SWORD. A hero who gets six figurines of famous knights to go on an adventure I have unfortunately forgotten. My most memorable scene is whe Sir Patrick gets eaten by a demon.

My second best favorite is the one about ATLANTIS" Where modern-day people reach Atlantis by submarine, and then have to deal with more than modern inventions.

Therse are the only ones I remember, apart from the cliifhangers

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