Episode Guide - Passionate Canadians, The (Miniseries) (1977)

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Oct 26, 1977 - Re-creates the setting in which Thomson, Varley, Lismer, MacDonald, Carmichael, and Johnston first came together: the art department of Grip Ltd. in Toronto. It was here that Thomson planted the seeds for what was hoped would be an Algonquin Park School of painting. This program takes the story from 1910 to 1920 and includes scenes at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto, where A.Y. Jackson makes his first contact with the Grip artists; the sketching trips to Algonquin and Georgian Bay; and the introduction of others who were to play a part in the affairs of the Group — such as their patron Dr. James MacCallum and their severest critic Hector Charlesworth. Ends with the blows dealt to the artists — the death in 1917 of Thomson, who might have been the founder of the movement, and the cataclysm of the First World War, which broke their spirit.

Nov 2, 1977 - Moves the story forward from discussions at the Arts and Letters Club about a formal group, through trips to Algoma where they lived in the famous boxcar supplied by the Algoma Central Railway; to the Group's first exhibition in 1920; to the dispersal of the members to every region of Canada - each carving out for himself a territory which would be uniquely his own. This film brings out the spirit of fun of the members on their sketching trips and their youthfulness despite being at middle age. It ends in the year 1930 following the death of MacDonald and the disbanding of the Group.

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