Passionate Canadians, The (Miniseries) (1977)

The Passionate Canadians was a two-part documentary drama telling the story of the Group of Seven - the first truly Canadian school of painting. The title was apt — these were indeed passionate Canadians; passionate about their art and their country; and in these films they came alive as real people, not the remote figures who are now part of the established culture of Canada. They had to fight for their kind of art and their place as pioneers in the development of an authentic Canadian style.

Producer: Nancy Ryley

Harry Adaskin .... Narrator
Len Doncheff .... A.Y. Jackson
Jim Hunter .... Arthur Lismer
Richard Fitzpatrick .... Lawren Harris
Dominic Hogan .... Fred Varley
Tony Moffat-Lynch .... Carmichael
John Swindells .... J.E.H. MacDonald
Ken Camroux .... A.J. Casson
Jack Anthony .... Frank Johnston

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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As an artist I really enjoyed this program that gave me a look at the personal lives of artists whose work, in the form of prints, hung on almost every wall of the schools I attended in the fifties. I wish I could obtain a copy for my video library... it would be a real treasure!

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