Episode Guide - Pacific 13 (Series) (1956-1957)

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Jul 9, 1956 - The series opens with a one-act opera called "Down in the Valley" by Kurt Weill. The libretto is by Arnold Sundergaard and the musical director is John Avison. The cast will include Jack Downs, Clair Klein, Lee Butcher and Ron Hancock.

Jul 16, 1956 - A program from the Golden Age of English Music, with John Avison conducting.

Jul 23, 1956 - An 18-year-old girl dreams of love and romance on "A Centaur in the Dark."

Jul 30, 1956 - A program based on a recent exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Henry Moore. The program will include a biography of Moore, and an assessment of his influence on contemporary art.

Aug 6, 1956 - The Pacific 13 series attempts to show the part science plays in modern crime detection in "Stranger In Town." The story will be told chiefly by Vancouver city detectives and scientists.

Aug 13, 1956 - Pacific 13 presents "An Aspect of Crime," a dramatization of events ending in an act of vandalism, from Vancouver.

Aug 20, 1956 - Pacific 13 presents a documentary program showing a group of musicians rehearsing as an orchestra for the first time. The program will go into the details of what occurs during the early stages of orchestral rehearsal. The conductor will be John Avison, the soloist Marie-Aime Warrot, and the producer, Gene Lawrence. The program comes from Vancouver's Odeon-Hastings theatre.

Sep 3, 1956 - Pacific 13 presents a tour of Vancouver's Chinatown.

Sep 10, 1956 - Pacific 13 tells the story of the development of underwater television cameras.

Jun 19, 1957 - First program in a new series. Tonight's program will be about the Cloverdale Rodeo, with bronco riding, steer wrestling and calf roping. Producer is Frank Goodship. Bob Fortune of Vancouver, is host for the series.

Jun 26, 1957 - Pacific 13 tells the story of the provincial life of a girl, a band of gypsies and a postman in the French town of Avignon.

Jul 3, 1957 - "The Night Prince Edward Island Disappeared," a comic fantasy by Reginald Dagg of Vancouver. Prince Edward Islanders claim that all the best people come from P.E.I. What would happen if they all disappeared from their key positions in Canada and the U.S.? — or if P.E.I, itself disappeared? (Vancouver film.)

Jul 10, 1957 - "The History of Calypso" with the singing of Nelson Alexander, dancing by the Trinidadian Dancers and the music of the "Ping Pong" played by Kel Winzey. (Vancouver film.)

Jul 17, 1957 - The Dominion astro-physical observatory at Victoria, B.C. is studied. The film will show viewers how scientists at the observatory study the stars.

Jul 24, 1957 - "The Transient Guest," a play by Poppy Mackenzie. Radio veteran Andrew Allan is the producer of the play concerning the inhabitants of a boarding house in Victoria and the return of the landlady's husband, long presumed dead.

Jul 31, 1957 - "The Yukoner" - A CBC Vancouver film.

Aug 7, 1957 - "Child Wife" a comedy by Ian Thome, produced by Andrew Allan. The play stars Glenyss McDiarmid as the child wife whose school-teacher husband won't let her grow up, and Patrick Macnee as the famous young writer of lurid novels who arrives to live close by. (CBC Vancouver film.)

Aug 21, 1957 - Pacific 13 presents Emma Caslor, one of Canada's most celebrated folk singers. She'll sing some songs and talk ahout their origin.

Aug 28, 1957 - "Facade." Dorothy Davies and Peter Haworth read "Facade" by Edith Sitwell and William Walton. John Avison conducts the music. Ballet arranged by Beth Lockhart. Dancers Norman Maen, Diana Bourne, Gail Donaldson.

Sep 4, 1957 - The Wedgewood Plate, a play by Fred M. Diehl, a Toronto actor and playwright, adapted from a story by Peter B. Hughes. From Vancouver.

Sep 11, 1957 - "Spanish Village" — a story of a village on the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. The Moors built this village as a fortress during their five centuries occupation of Spain.

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