Episode Guide - P.M. Party (Series) (1958-1960)

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P.M. Party
Jan 19, 1959 - Guests are the Footnotes, a tap-dancing trio, consisting of John Dennis, Norman Maen and Joy Dunning.

Jan 21, 1959 - Doreen Braggins, wife of Cliff Braggins, one of the show's writers, tells how she trained Daniel the Spaniel and shows dog pictures with humorous captions.

Jan 23, 1959 - Tom Hamilton, a Scottish entertainer sings a medley of tunes made famous by Sir Harry Lauder as the program holds an advance celebration of Burns day which falls on Sunday, Jan 25.

Apr 13, 1959 - P.W. Spiller, a stockbroker, discusses stock market operations.

May 11, 1959 - Today's guests are Mac and Lorraine, flash tap dancers. Donna Miller sings "Old Devil Moon."

May 13, 1959 - Guests today are two child experts on the yo yo. Their appearance heralds the beginning of a nationwide yo yo contest which may culminate with the finalists appearing on the show sometime in June. Donna Miller sings "I've Got the World on a String."

May 15, 1959 - Today's guests are Baro and Rogers, a comedy dance act.

Nov 2, 1959 - Jim Moran, an American publicist is the guest.

Mar 28, 1960 - Today's guest is comedian Gerry Shane

Apr 1, 1960 - Guest: American publicist Jim Moran.

Jun 20, 1960 - Today's guest is dancer Joey Hollingsworth.

Jun 22, 1960 - Today — Alan Millar's guest is comedian Doug Romaine.

Jun 24, 1960 - Today — Donna Miller and Allan Blye sing a duet from Porgy and Bess, in answer to viewer's requests. This is the final P.M. Party of the season.

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