OWL/TV (Series) (1985-1994)


OWL/TV is a children's educational television series that aired on the CBC, and then later on CTV, from 1985 to 1994. It's focus is nature and science discovery, emphasizing to viewers how they can have an impact on their own environment. PBS, BBC and Showtime also aired the show for a brief period. Reruns of the show have aired on YTV and CTV.

Each half-hour program contains segments from several recurring features:

"The Mighty Mites" are three kids (Sophie, Mark and Nicky Mite) who possess the magical ability to shrink in size in order to explore microscopic environments.

"Animals Close Up" explores various aspects of animal life. Kids meet the animals first-hand and conduct on-the-spot interviews with zoologists and experts on animal behavior.

"Tomorrow Today" looks at the future from a kid's point-of-view, brings children into working laboratories.

"Real Kids" features young people who are actively involved in trying to improve their environment. These are kids who aren't afraid to try. Real Kids nurtures the idea that individuals of any age can make a difference.

In "You and Your Body" kids learn about themselves with the aid of a wise and witty skeleton named Bonaparte.

"Bonaparte" shares his enthusiasm for individual action on behalf of the environment.

"Dr. Zed" explores the connections between nature and science and shows kids exciting experiments.

The Hoot Club kids set up and work through a project, solving production/performance problems, experimenting with materials, interacting with their community and environment.

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, CTV

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