Other Man, The (Miniseries) (1963)

When Paul Rocello, an Italian recently arrived in England, was murdered on a houseboat moored at Medlow, the principal suspect was David Henderson, housemaster at Buckingham. However, many of the other people in the town have connections with Henderson, including the police officer investigating the crime, Detective Inspector Ford, whose son Timothy has been given special tutoring by the schoolteacher. The story becomes more involved when a woman, Billie Reynolds, is murdered, too, and takes on international complications that bring in M.I.5, the secret service, when Rocello's sister travels to Medlow from Italy.

The Other Man, was essentially a pilot project for The Serial, CBC's upcoming series modelled on the British format of limited drama series.

Ivor Barry....James Cooper
Robin Gammell....Chris Reynolds
John Hardinge....Detective Sergeant Broderick
Michael Learned....Katherine
Angela Leigh....Billie Reynolds
Leo Leyden
William Osler....Sheldon
Douglas Rain....David Henderson
Tony Van Bridge....Detective Inspector Ford
Victoria Mitchell
Christopher Newton
John Kastner....Timothy Ford

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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