Open Mike with Mike Bullard (Series) (1997-2004)

Aka: Open Mike; The Mike Bullard Show; Best of Open Mike

Open Mike with Mike Bullard
Mike Bullard was tapped to host his own late-night talk show on the CTV-owned Comedy Network starting in the fall of 1997. In April 1998 it was transferred to the full CTV Network.

Orin Isaac and his Open Mike Band backed the show, and a string of major entertainment, political and sporting personalities appeared.

In September 2003, the Mike Bullard Show moved over to the Global Television Network.

A weekly compilation of the best monologue, interviews, and musical performance from the previous five episodes aired on the Comedy Network as Best of Open Mike starting from 1998 to 2004.

Mike Bullard....Host
Orin Isaacs....Bandleader
Wilson Laurencin....Drummer
Tony Padalino....Keyboards
Mark Paterson....Guitar
Lindsay Cox....Announcer
Greg Eckler....Sketch Performer
Lawrence Morgenstern....Sketch Performer
Rob Ross....Sketch Performer
Sean Tweedley....Sketch Performer

Original Broadcaster(s): COMEDY, CTV, Global

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