Open House (Series) (1955-1962)

Open House
A half-hour afternoon talk and features program, Open House was directed at an audience of women in the home. In addition to studio interviews, the program included filmed features on life and events inside and outside Canada.

Paul Fox provided features on historical subjects, and regularly provided commentary on the week's headlines. Elizabeth Cleaton and Lorraine Thomson demonstrated exercises. Jehane Benoit was in the Open House kitchen. Mary Humphries was a research expert in textiles. Kildare Dobbs did book reviews. The program regulars typically appeared on a specific day of the week.

Corinne Conley....Host (1955-1956)
Anna Cameron....Co-host (1956-1960)
Fred Davis....Co-host (1956-1960)
Max Ferguson....Co-host (1960-1962)
Gwen Grant....Co-host (1960-1962)
Paul Fox
Elizabeth Cleaton
Lorraine Thomson (1960-1962)
Jehane Benoit
Claire Heller
Mary Humphries
Kildare Dobbs
Lister Sinclair

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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