Ooops! (Series) (1970-1971)

Ooops was a half-hour television quiz show for elementary school children on CBC. Children were asked to submit bad jokes and riddles to the show, and they were used in a game in which contestants made their way around a Snakes and Ladders-style board. They advanced or fell back depending on whether the joke got a laugh (a "goof") or a groan (a "gain"). Winners could select one of six "boodle bags" for their prize. The bag might contain a book or record or transistor radio, but one held an unwanted surprise, a duck.

The program also included John O'Leary at the news desk, with "Ooops! Nooos" bulletins and the "Ooops! Weather For Ducks". The production travelled to different production centres across the country, and Harry Brown shared hosting duties with local CBC announcers.

Harry Brown....The Great Drake/Host
John O'Leary

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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